MUSO Foundation: MUSO Platform Global Launching Directors Resolution Public Notice (Group Paper No .1319)

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MUSO Foundation: MUSO Platform Global Launching Directors Resolution Public Notice (Group Paper No .1319)

February 11
06:21 2021

Macedonian block Financial Services Co.,Ltd Macedonian Block Financial Services Limited (Group Board Resolution Notice)

Item No. MUPE-2021-1319 No

The Company and all members of the Board of Directors guarantee that the contents of the information disclosure are true, accurate and complete without false records, misleading statements or material omissions.

Meetings of the Board

The twenty-first meeting of the forty-sixth board of directors of Macedonian block Financial Services Co.,Ltd Macedonian Block Financial Services Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “MUSO Company” or) was held on January 16,2021, in a combination of site and communications, The notice was sent to all directors, supervisors and senior managers by e-mail, telephone and personal service. The meeting shall be attended by 167 directors, 162 directors actually attending the meeting, The meeting was chaired by Mr. Hugh Richard( Hugh Richard), President of the MUSO Investment Fund, The company’s supervisors and senior managers attended the meeting. This board meeting is in accordance with the relevant laws, administrative regulations, departmental regulations, normative documents and articles of association of the United States.

MUSO project launch resolution

On the basis of the relevant requirements of the Muso asset investment foundation (MUSO Asset leading Investment Foundation) strategic planning document, the board of directors of the MUSO Financial Group has reached an agreement on the global launch of the Macedonian distributed financial platform, as follows:

1、MUSO (Macedon unit system block chain DEFI) Macedonian block chain distributed financial platform was launched simultaneously on all continents on February 28,2021.

2、MUSO project launch conference took the lead in the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Singapore, Malaysia ,100 global roadshows according to the MUSO Foundation operating document (No. AIF-1823) related requirements, on February 28,2021, within 90 days by the national MUSO fund branch and Chuangshi community operation.

The board of directors of the 3. Group allowed some well-known institutions to participate in the project in the five country roadshows of the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Singapore and Malaysia to follow and participate in the MUSO Angel Round financing plan. The following is the whitelist of MUSO Angel Round investment institutions:

A、 United States: Digital Currency Group (DCG Digital Monetary Group), Andreessen Horowitz (A16Z Venture), Pantera Capital (PC Digital Monetary Fund);

B、 China: Distributed Capital, Danhua Capital;

C、 Singapore: Z FUNDATION TOP PTE.LTD (Zfund Digital Currency Hedge Fund); EDBI (Singapore Economic Development Authority Investment Private Limited (SEDA);

D、 Malaysia: Jirnexu (Malaysia JIMEXU Financial Technology Co., Ltd.);

E、 UK: BlueOakCapitalGroup (UK Blue Oak Capital Group), Ashmore Investment Management Limited( Anshi Investment Management Co., Ltd.), Coller Capital (Kohler Capital Private Equity (PIP);

4.MUSO have obtained MSB financial licences issued by the United States Treasury Department, as well as RIA financial investment licences issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission (US Securities and Exchange Commission, abbreviations). The MUSO Board of Directors has decided to authorize angel round financing institutions and the creation community to publicize them to the public. The final interpretation is vested in the MUSO Foundation.

MUSO Foundation Documents (MUPE-2021-1319)

Date of communication :16 January 2021

Send: MUSO Group General Office, MUSO Fund General Association, MUSO Group Global Marketing Center

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