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Defining Success Beyond Dollars with the Realizations Self-Mastery Bundle

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Defining Success Beyond Dollars with the Realizations Self-Mastery Bundle

February 18
21:12 2021
Dallen, the founder of Realizations, believes that “success” is unique to every individual and should be discovered through mindfulness practices.

Humans are living in a world where the standards depend on what the majority demands. Finding one’s purpose may be tricky. The process of finding this purpose can be frustrating as well. Many people pause or contemplate too long to find their purpose. The Self-Mastery Journal by Realizations was created to provide practical life solutions & aims to help everyone build their purpose. Created by former Sports Scientist Dallen, this self-mastery journal offers itself as a tool to reignite people’s passion.

“I’ve been there – desiring a change but not exactly sure what that change looks like. Disliking your job, wanting to spend more time with your family, longing for more vacation time as you waste time scrolling through social media. I get it. The process of finding your purpose and doing something that ignites you from within is frustrating. The Self-Mastery Journal was created to give direction to those who aren’t waking up with energy, passion, and purpose. In essence, it simplifies the process by using simple techniques to allow you to learn from the past, prepare for the future, all while thriving at the moment in as little as 5 minutes a day. Bonus: It’s backed by science.” Dallen said.

“Going from aspirations to realizations begins with self-reflection. The life you envision is created by who you are today. The goal of this journal in its simplest form is to allow you to learn from the past and prepare for the future, all while thriving in the present moment,” he added. The tagline that Dallen, the creator of this journal, likes to use is “Gratitude Meets Productivity.” What this reflects is exercising gratitude for what one has now while being productive towards one’s desire to create.

Backed by years of science, journaling has proven to be a powerful method of aligning one’s actions with his or her vision. A goal-setting journal opens the door to self-reflection where a person gains a deeper understanding of oneself. For example, listing down the things that may trigger stress and anxiety may help relieve mental health issues by activating certain regions in the brain that allow people to improve emotional control. This helps identify not only what needs to be done but how to do it. The more a person understands himself, the easier it is to face the challenges ahead. Similarly, once a person gets to know specific strengths and weaknesses, the simpler it is to increase productivity and manage the time efficiently.

One of the many struggles people face in realizing their purpose involves the input from their environment. Society pushes status. Many times, society dictates a person’s purpose. Society influences a person’s mindset and decisions in life. Instead of seeking internal desires, a person is influenced by external pressures and opinions.

Dallen’s mission is to help others realize that success is not defined by one’s bank account. It is the success that satisfies the internal desire but not necessarily fulfilling for the external factors. Passion drives humans to stay on top of their game. Discovering purpose and passion brings happiness and contributes to society even better. Thus, diving deep into the core of oneself will help a person visualize how to move forward. It will also guide a person where to go and build their empire.

The big question lies in every person wanting to find their purpose. Discover more by visiting

About the Self-Mastery Journal

The Self-Mastery Journal is a newly launched journal that aims to give one clarity by providing practical solutions to create a life of purpose and passion. It uses journaling as a method of creating mental and physical alignment towards creating one’s dream life.

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