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How 1 “Salesumentary” Video Style Generated Over $54,000,000+ In Coaching & Info Sales

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How 1 “Salesumentary” Video Style Generated Over $54,000,000+ In Coaching & Info Sales

February 22
12:54 2021
And How Elite Coaches, Consultants, Leaders Are Using This Same Method To Claim Category Ownership in 2021.

Jeremy Finlay is the inventor of the Salesumentary. He’s the highest paid sales-documentary expert in the world. He’s made documentaries on 7 continents over the past 7 years.

Jeremy and his company, Salesumentary, has worked with Superbowl Champs, Silicon Valley Titans, Hollywood Directors and Celebrities like Kevin Costner, Kurt Russel, Paris Hilton, 8 and 9 Figure Entrepreneurs like Daymond John, Garrett White, Russ Ruffino, Gerard Adams, Heads of State, former CIA agents… it’s a long list.

“There’s never been a more critical time for business leaders to claim their market category and lead their customers into a better, less chaotic reality” says Jeremy, in an interview with Mark Lack of Business Rockstars.

Salesumentary and its team of Hollywood directors create done-for-you documentaries and ground-breaking video ads for world-class business leaders. These documentaries establish differentiated, prestigious positioning in the market.

Other industry tactics have underperformed in the marketplace.

“Automated webinars were all the rage and then stopped pulling the weight they used to,” says Joshua, the CMO of Salesumentary.

“Ugly VSLs have bit the dust. Long sales letters by world-class copywriters are few and far between and have been replaced by 15-second social media clips that only work on people who are too broke to hire most companies,” he continues.

But for rock star entrepreneurs, ready to leap from 7-figures to 8 in their business… Here’s the 5-step process that Salesumentary uses that helps companies get to 8-figures within a year.

They’ve used this process to generate over $54,000,000 in direct-tracked revenue 7 industries.

This will only work for businesses that are already making 7-figures in their business or if the business commands at least $2K to create transformational results for their clients.

Step 1. Niche down to serve the customers the company can create the best results for.

Jeremy and Salesumentary did this with Garrett White for his niche of middle-aged, married men with kids… and took Wake Up Warrior from obscure to legendary, building a movement and making millions.

Step 2. Create a high-ticket transformational offer personalized for this market segment.

Jeremy and Salesumentary recently did this for Pedro Adao and Daymond John at the peak of the pandemic… leading to over $8,000,000 in sales and one of the biggest launches of the year.

Step 3. Sell a transformational experience of value for a minimum of $6k to about 1,035 people.

Jeremy and Salesumentary did something like this with Russ Rufino and he’s now making $1 million in revenue per month. Facebook and YouTube ads make this easy, as long as businesses follow Step 5 (below).

Step 4. Upgrade 15% of these customers into a 12-month mastermind at $25K (and yes, companies can do a virtual mastermind and people will love it)

Jeremy did this with Danielle White, transforming the hair stylist industry and raking in $3 million in contact revenue in less than 30 days.

Step 5. Finally and most importantly: start running traffic to a tear-jerking, heart-pumping application Salesumentary funnel to convert said 1,035 people

Jeremy is doing this for Salesumentary and the video available at is leading to qualified applicants for as low as $55 per lead, with the company selling packages as high as $100,000.

If 7-figure business owners follow these 5-steps to a tee, one year from today… they’ll have cashed in $6,210,000 with their flagship program, and $3,850,000 with their Mastermind.

That equals $10,060,000, and doesn’t even count all of the revenue the company is already generating in their 7-figure business.

And because the companies are using a Salesumentary (a Sales Documentary)… traffic costs will go way down, organic reach will go way up, people will fall in love with the brand, and the company will differentiate yourself in the marketplace with prestigious positioning…

…even if no one has ever heard of the company prior to having their own Salesumentary.

“Want to see this process work in real life?” Says Jeremy. “Go here and watch a totally free film that breaks EVERYTHING down for you:

About Jeremy Finlay

Jeremy Finlay is the inventor of the Salesumentary. He’s the highest-paid sales-documentary expert in the world. He’s made documentaries on 7 continents over the past 7 years, generating over $54,000,000 in direct-tracked revenue.

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