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Peerforum Offers a Unique Space for Leaders to Thrive Collectively

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Peerforum Offers a Unique Space for Leaders to Thrive Collectively

February 22
22:48 2021
The organization makes peer advisory groups available for everyone.

For generations, most successful individuals in elite positions have been using peer advisory groups as a key tool for success. Peer advisory groups help individuals solve their personal and professional problems with input and advice from other trusted leaders.

Until recently, having access to a great peer advisory group was a privilege for only a few. Peerforum is a peer advisory organization aiming to democratize access to this experience.

The premise behind a peer group is simple: fellow peers — who know each other, often face similar personal and business challenges and have no agenda but each other’s success — can provide objective, experienced, empathic advice and perspectives in ways that friends, family, co-workers, employees or customers cannot.

Peerforum offers a unique virtual-only peer advisory experience. Each group is carefully crafted with 10 talented peers (with similar seniorities) who engage in a joint personal development journey led by one of Peerforum’s accredited facilitators from their global network.

“Our virtual-first nature allows us to create stellar groups of peers worldwide, leveraging diversity and capitalizing on collective intelligence,” stated Steve Brechner, CEO of Peerforum. “Our space of confidentiality, trust, and vulnerability create a context of genuine personal growth, honest feedback, effective problem solving, and unconditional support.”

A peer advisory group is not a networking group; it is a group of people who will push each other to grow by sharing personal experiences and discussing professional challenges — all in an environment of truth and confidence. They’re not experts on one another’s businesses, but they put themselves in each other’s shoes to enhance their professional development.

Peerforum offers a holistic approach to self-leadership, following the integral approach, working around three dimensions: personal, relating to the self; interpersonal, relating to relationships and impersonal, relating to work or business.

Peerforum’s most popular peer groups are around startup founders, business owners, executives, young professionals, experienced professionals, service professionals, grad students and solopreneurs. More information can be found at

About Peerforum

Peerforum is a global peer advisory organization dedicated to creating and facilitating stellar peer group experiences worldwide.

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