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Flexible Jobs, Part-time Jobs And Fulltime Jobs Are Now Easier To Find In Cleveland Ohio

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Flexible Jobs, Part-time Jobs And Fulltime Jobs Are Now Easier To Find In Cleveland Ohio

March 15
15:38 2021

The economy in Cleveland, Ohio, is slowly bouncing back after the economic hardships of 2020.  Flexible work became the norm in 2020, and employees found that they enjoyed the opportunity to work around their own schedule that suited them rather than a standard 9 to 5 job.  Many Ohio residents also lost their jobs due to business closures and going back to work now, with some school children still engaged in remote learning, is not a possibility unless a job is flexible to meet their needs. 

The standard Cleveland, Ohio staffing agencies might not be fully open yet, and web searches via applications that offer job postings are generally filled with many types of jobs and no effective way to filter the jobs.  Upshift, with a location in Cleveland, Ohio, provides a new downloadable application that is easy to use, easy to sign up for, and most importantly, easy to filter for the flexible jobs, parttime jobs, and fulltime jobs that Ohioans in the areas listed on the site are routinely seeking now. 

The Upshift app also assists businesses seeking assistance to fill positions for flexible jobs, parttime jobs, and fulltime jobs in the Cleveland area.  Gig jobs are numerous but finding individuals quickly to fill the gig job positions was difficult for businesses.  It was also difficult for the businesses to follow up on individuals that were hired, and to keep track of the days and times that individuals worked at a particular job.

Upshift, with the new app that is offered has solved the problems of findings gig jobs, or parttime, flexible, or fulltime jobs for employees as well as solved the problems of employers in filling these positions.  Once a job is offered and obtained both the business and the employee can track all hours and jobs available with a simple navigation screen within the app easily. 

Businesses are charged a small fee, essentially less than what standard staffing agencies generally charged, and for employees the app is 100% free to use, so what is earned by someone is kept.  No fees to pay a staffing agency or an online staffing website for locating a job or being hired. 

The Upshift application even allows businesses and those who are looking for a job outside the scientific or accounting fields, whether a flexible job, parttime job, or fulltime job to view pay stubs, amount of pay accrued as of a date specified, and any deductions that might be taken out, just as if a regular paycheck were being viewed.  Businesses and employees can stay abreast of their hours, gigs, and earnings easily and any time that they choose to do so. 

Flexible scheduling work and gig jobs are the wave of the future in Cleveland, Ohio and Upshift has made it possible to handle these types of jobs more simply for both businesses and employees.  The Upshift platform has revolutionized job seeking for individuals and job placement for businesses, especially in the gig industries. 

About Upshift Cleveland

Upshift is a web platform with a mobile application that can be used to find employees for openings within businesses, as well as assist employees with finding parttime, fulltime, and flexible jobs within the Cleveland, Ohio area.  It is an uncomplicated application that is easy to sign up for, offers free sign up to those looking for a job, and a nominal fee to businesses.  It is secure and offers real time updates to those that use it.  It has simplified the process of finding a remote job and a flexible job of any type.  It also assists businesses in finding qualified individuals as there is a screening process. Scientific and accounting jobs are not available as the app is industry specific. 

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