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MEYA app. The secret to transform any challenge into an opportunity

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MEYA app. The secret to transform any challenge into an opportunity

March 24
14:34 2021
MEYA app. The secret to transform any challenge into an opportunity

MEYA app. The secret to transform any challenge into an opportunity
MEYA app’s “Awakening” course is designed to trigger a mind-set shift. The new perspective is gradually “installed” in the mind of the users like a music “hook”, helping them to remember how to change the perspective in any challenge in their daily life.

In these challenging times, the MEYA app offers an “Awakening Course”, that step by step aimed to trigger a shift of mind set, automatically hacking the conscious and sub-conscious attention towards any potential opportunity. The course has about 50 “Music Mind Journeys” (a form of meditation with electronic and organic music as the soundtrack), each available with a choice of different music genres and tempos.

The essence of the course is that it’s when we change the inside that we are able to change the reality around us. The change that we are all called to make is a mind set one. A change that we can only do when we are able to avoid letting the mind focus on who or what to blame, by remaining present and refocusing on the opportunity – no matter what life throws our way. If we are in a state of presence, not allowing the warring mind to take over, we can always see every challenge as a chance to learn something new, accumulate experience and grow. Every obstacle can become an opportunity to evolve.

On one of MEYA’s “Awakening” sessions the directions are quite specific: when we face a challenge the secret is to remember to ask ourselves three questions:

What I am learning from this experience? 

Which new skills am I developing in this experience? 

What is this event forcing me to see about myself?

According to MEYA’s founder, Ricci says that “it is by repeating these questions in our mind that we “ ack” it to focus on the opportunity. We just need to remember! We should all consider that adversities have always played a key part of the conscious evolution of the human collective. We know the events we are currently experiencing are no different. We know they too will lead to the wave of Awakening spreading even further, and even faster, than ever before – and the mission of MEYA app is to help accelerate this process.”

MEYA app offers a unique music based tool that really helps users to become more present and embrace the everyday challenges in the context of an “Awakening” Journey, in which we are conscious that we are giving a precious contribution toward raising the vibration of the collective consciousness and the manifestation of a new and better way of living… And new way of loving!

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