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“From Inmate to Boss” – A Must-Read Book on Goal-Setting Written By an Incarcerated Entrepreneur

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“From Inmate to Boss” – A Must-Read Book on Goal-Setting Written By an Incarcerated Entrepreneur

April 17
01:54 2021
Elliott Fresh Eberhardt is an entrepreneur, a volunteer and an author who has beaten all the odds through the recent release of “From Inmate to Boss”.

Everyone knows the importance of setting goals in life. There are numerous books on the advantages of goal setting and, years of research show that setting small and realistic goals and achieving those goals take people ahead in life by manifold. However, despite all this research, people still struggle at it. Sometimes, it is the lack of motivation that prevent people from setting realistic goals and, other times, it is their mental blocks that prevent people from acknowledging their true potential and achieving greatness in life. Whatever challenges people encounter, there is always a way to help people overcome these challenges and help them work towards their goals. With that said, Elliott Fresh Eberhardt has recently launched a new book “From Inmate to Boss” aimed at addressing the key challenges that individuals encounter in setting goals and enabling them to turn those goals into reality. 

“From Inmate to Boss” emphasizes how to make goals come to fruition and master the necessary steps to achieve true desires. It equips people with practical tools to set goals in life and hone their skills and talents. Elliott Fresh Eberhardt has shown from his own practical experience that networking, earning money and running a whole business from a prison is not an impossible take.  It reflects that it is one’s skills and commitment that matters the most when it comes to working on one’s vision. What is more surprising is that the author achieved all this while being incarcerated. Hence, the book is not based on the same cliché discussions on goal setting but, sheds light upon some practical knowledge that would help people do wonders in life, given that they work with commitment and dedication. 

Elliott Fresh Eberhardt is an incarcerated entrepreneur and has beat all the odds of working in such challenging circumstances. The writer has served as a testimony that people who set their minds and commit themselves to achieve their goals in life can do whatever they want, no matter how tough life becomes. Elliott also works as a volunteer as a hospice worker and, sometimes, help other inmate patients in hospice during their time of need. When Elliott is not fighting to regain his freedom, the hustler spends them creating and producing a book to entertain the readers. Elliott has shown the true meaning of resilience, commitment, dedication and handwork. Being incarcerated did not prevent the author from being an entrepreneur, volunteer and a writer and producer. Elliott now wants to help other people struggling to achieve their goals through this recently launched book “Inmate to Boss” 

About the Author: 

Elliott Fresh Eberhardt is an incarcerated entrepreneur, a volunteer and author of “From Inmate to Boss.” This new book is written to help people unleash their true potential, capitalize on their talents and achieve their goals practically and fruitfully. The book has been received very well by readers from all across the world and can be purchased from Amazon:

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