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Cyber Security Expert Omar Al Azzawi Keeps Cyber Crime Rates Down

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Cyber Security Expert Omar Al Azzawi Keeps Cyber Crime Rates Down

June 01
19:43 2021
Cyber Security Expert Omar Al Azzawi Keeps Cyber Crime Rates Down

Cyber Security Expert Omar Al Azzawi Keeps Cyber Crime Rates Down

Technology has presented many people with the opportunity to start a business and make money online. With cyber businesses being at an all-time high, it has made the opportunities for cyber crime that much higher. It has been estimated that cybercrime could cost over $6 trillion this year alone, and a crime could occur every 11 seconds.

While many cyber criminals may think that now is the best time to plan an attack, cyber security experts like Omar Al Azzawi are helping people stay safe online. Over half of the small businesses that start out online experience a cyber-attack within their first 6 months.

The government is working hard to reduce the risks of these attacks online so businesses can feel safe, but Azzawi has tactics that have proven to be successful in putting a stop to cyber crime.

Omar Al Azzawi Helps Cyber Business Owners Feel Safe Again

The FBI and the government have received many complaints about cyber crime over the pandemic, with cyber crime rates spiraling out of control. While they are putting extra security measures in place, it takes time. Luckily, Omar Al Azzawi was able to prove his expertise at putting an end to cyber attacks.

His skills have even come in useful for helping the Iraq government find a few cyber criminals. He is now putting them to use in order to help the US government prevent these attacks. Azzawi has a mission to make the online community a safer place for all cyber business owners. He believes that now more than ever, people need to advocate for safer measures on cyber security.

While Azzawai has the right level of skills and experience to keep cyber crime rates down, it does require efforts from all parties. He plans to teach organizations more about cyber security and the role they can play to prevent it. This includes what they should look out for and what software and apps are putting them at risk.

Stay Safe With Omar Al Azzawi

When it comes to doing business safely online, Omar Al Azzawi is ready to help people stay safe from all those cyber threats. Omar even offers online lessons through his social media to help protect people from cyber threats and help inform everyone regarding the dangers of cyber crime. Cyber threats are one of the biggest risks in the business world these days, and Azzawi’s acts are helping to put a stop to them. For more information, visit Omar Al Azzawi’s official website at 

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