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Corporate Professionals are Flocking to the Woman Known as “The PowerPoint Pro” to Learn the Secrets of Compelling PowerPoint Presentations

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Corporate Professionals are Flocking to the Woman Known as “The PowerPoint Pro” to Learn the Secrets of Compelling PowerPoint Presentations

June 01
21:30 2021
Whitney D. Walter uses her professional insight to share incredible tips related to increasing workflow efficiency, maintaining audience engagement, and improving PowerPoint presentation aesthetics!

Florida, USA – At some point in their lives, many people have dreaded the idea of creating PowerPoint presentations. Be it, collegiate level students or corporate leaders, knowing the art of making well-crafted and engaging PowerPoint presentations helps communicate messages more effectively and can assist in standing out among the crowd. Making presentations in the professional domain becomes slightly more challenging than those created for personal use, though. Whether sending a million-dollar proposal, pitching an idea to potential investors, or applying for a dream job, the use of a polished PowerPoint presentation can do wonders to achieve these goals. Whitney D. Walter, a certified Microsoft Office Specialist and corporate AVP at a Fortune 100 firm, helps her students master the art of compelling, professional PowerPoint presentations. The PowerPoint Pro, as she’s often called, shares many tips and strategies to create incredible presentations guaranteed to inform, educate, and persuade the relevant audience.

Let’s face it! Not everyone can spare hours to make inspiring and jaw-dropping presentations with today’s hectic routines and grueling working hours. Hence, in such situations, PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts come in handy and save a considerable amount of time. General keyboard shortcuts such as duplicating the current slide using CTRL + SHIFT + D and inserting new, blank slides using CTRL + SHIFT + M are common ways to save one’s precious time. In addition to these, there are a multitude of other shortcuts that can be used for text formatting and there are even some that can be used while actively presenting. Learning these shortcuts can dramatically improve workflow efficiency and allow professionals to make quality presentations in a fraction of the time.  Whitney teaches many timesaving practices that can assist professionals in quickly creating awe-inspiring presentations that can get them noticed at work.

Another major challenge often faced by presenters is keeping the audience hooked. To this point, Whitney teaches her students the importance of Using Images in Your PowerPoint to keep the audience awake and engaged. Using high-quality images, such as stock photography or company-specific images aligned with the message on the slide, is one such way to do that. These images add value and can increase perceived credibility. Besides this, using relevant brand symbols such as approved logos or icons further demonstrates professionalism and creates a beautifully branded presentation remembered long after the meeting has concluded. Under the mentorship of Whitney, learning and implementing relevant presentation tools has become easier than ever before.

Last but not the least, knowing How to Reduce Text on PowerPoint significantly increases the chances of imparting relevant information that an audience can easily retain and recall. Building on previous teachings, using images or infographics instead of bulleted lists, replacing text with symbols, or moving sections of text into speaker notes are a few great tips to create a concise message and maintain the audience’s limited attention span. Whitney guides professionals through learning these valuable best practices while often referencing connections to related scientific studies that provide insight into why the strategies work.

About Whitney:

Whitney D. Walter is a certified Microsoft Office Specialist and corporate Assistant Vice President at Fortune 100 firm. With an MBA from Florida State University and nearly two decade’s worth of experience using PowerPoint, Whitney has set out on a mission to teach corporate professionals the elusive elements of professional presentations and relevant presentation skills to help them excel in their careers and achieve their dreams. 

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