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June 03
01:30 2021 Discusses How to Update One’s Wardrobe with Plaid Skirts

Fashion trends come and go. However, some trends remain in the minds of people for generations. They become famous for a variety of reasons and often reappear on the scene again. People should know the history behind current trends. These are the most iconic fall fashion trends through the years, and people often find they can wear these items throughout the year without looking out of place. 

Midi Skirts

Every woman needs at least one midi skirt, as this versatile piece works in any season. It all depends on the material selected and the design when it comes to where the woman wears it. For example, wool plaid skirts with black and brown tones are ideal for fall, but women often turn to similar skirts in bold and bright hues for spring and summer. There’s no wrong time to wear a midi skirt, so purchase one today. Once one sees how comfortable and easy they are to wear, one will want to go out and purchase several. However, some women find they prefer a shorter skirt, and plaid options remain available here as well. Shoppers should browse around here to see what is available. 

Pearl Necklaces

Pearl necklaces remain a classic today, and it’s easy to see why. With so many styles to choose from, a woman might find she wants to own several of these pieces. Dainty pieces go with an elegant outfit, or a woman might choose larger pearls in fun colors to wear with jeans for an afternoon out with friends. The pearl necklace serves as the finishing touch for any outfit.

Pillbox Hats

Think of Jackie Kennedy and pillbox hats will probably come to mind. Although the pink pillbox hat she was wearing when her husband was assassinated wasn’t made by Lychee the Label, she made it look amazing. In fact, inexpensive pillbox hats remain a great choice for women today who love a blast from the past. Others will look at the lady and know exactly who she considers to be a fashion icon in time. 

Leather Jackets

Aviators, in the early part of the last century, donned leather jackets. During World War II, men referred to them as bomber jackets and wore them frequently. This led to a rise in their popularity in Europe in the decades following the war. Most people know the MA-1 Bomber, but there are many other leather jackets to choose from. Women should consider this clothing item for an iconic look. Fortunately, those who don’t want to wear products made from animals find they can purchase an imitation leather jacket and nobody will know it isn’t authentic. 


Men often forego a belt and wear suspenders instead. However, don’t assume this fashion accessory is worn only for utilitarian purposes. According to, suspenders, also known as snaps or braces, aren’t reserved solely for use with a tuxedo today. In fact, many men wear them with panache, as they wish to make a fashion statement. Larry King, the famous talk show host, was known for his signature suspenders. Now that he has passed, it’s time for someone to step up and take on that role, so this iconic item doesn’t fade from a person’s memory. 

Try one of these fashion trends today and see how it adds a touch of flair to a wardrobe. Others will ask where to get that kind of fashion sense, and one can share a brief history of the item. Friends will be impressed at how much one knows and want to imitate the fashion sense. Feel free to let them. As it is often said, imitation is the highest form of flattery.

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