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Luke Battiloro on How to Hack the Brain for Better Business Success

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Luke Battiloro on How to Hack the Brain for Better Business Success

June 03
02:33 2021
What is neuro-hacking? And, how exactly it affects ones life?

Training ones brain with neuro hacking translates well into both business and personal life. The ability to concentrate on one thing with out the distractions of daily life is exactly the next level thinking that Battiloro used to make it to the top level of the business world. Neuro-hacking is the term described as the training for ones mind, referring to ‘hacking’ into ones brain’s stress-response (or the flight-or-fight response, as it’s more often called.) To put it more simply, Tapping into the reaction that happens when you get yourself into high-stress situations. The one that prompts your body to respond or move in some way — you either stop, fight, or you run away.

When it comes to e-commerce businesses, one of the more important things is definitely marketing. That’s pretty straightforward. You can have the best of everything, but if there’s no one looking for it, then you better believe that you’re not going to be selling anything. This is one of the things that one must prioritize, especially as someone who used to work strictly as a marketing producer — creating leads for other businesses. For that, finding the right sales channel is another thing that you keep an eye on. You can probably expect some level of success by marketing your products through as many channels as you can. But some sales channels definitely deserve a little bit more attention based on how well it’s doing.

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