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Ibrahim Younes, the king and legend of social media

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Ibrahim Younes, the king and legend of social media

June 07
15:50 2021
Ibrahim Younes, the king and legend of social media

Ibrahim Younes, the king and legend of social media
Needless to define him, Ibrahim Younes is one of the best social media experts whose reputation is limitless and exceeded the seas. Despite his young age, Ibrahim Younes’s ambition, hardworking and curiosity classified him as “number one” social media expert in and outside Lebanon. Whenever his name is mentioned, nothing hits your mind else his tons of accomplishments throughout his journey.

Ibrahim Younes is a well-known Lebanese social media expert and technician who was born in March 21, 2001 in Beirut, Lebanon. Since he was 12 years old, Ibrahim Younes was urged by his curiosity to dive in the world of social media. He is the first one of his age who had the courage and bravery to enter such a deep and sophisticated domain. Since the time he had started his journey nine years, Ibrahim Younes achieved in attaining experience in different fields in his such as accounts recovery and security, social media managing, e-marketing and solving technical problems.

Not only did Ibrahim Younes discovered loopholes in Instagram but also he worked on solving them. When highlighting on his achievement in Instagram, there is a need to shed light on the that he had recovered over 10,000 accounts that were hacked and part of them were celebrities accounts such as Nadine Al Rassi, Merva Alkadi, Rita Harb, Aline Lahoud, Dolly Ayyash, Angie Khoury, Jaadanista, Fadi Haddad, Pamela Kawass, Bisho and many other celebrities from all over the world. Besides, he offers other social media services (Facebook, WhatsApp and snapchat services) to help people and simplify problems they may encounter while using such apps. Not only did Ibrahim Younes succeed in his own work but also he was able to shine bright along with his expert team Abed Alkarim Fawaz and Mohammad Ghamloush.

Recently, “World of Business” whom this trio expert team is managing, is occupying a worldwide place and competing other social media companies over the world. The success of “World of Business” company is considered another extra point for Ibrahim Younes’s accomplishments since he occupies one of its major positions. Briefly, it sounds weird to see that a young social media expert who had started his dream career since he was 12 years old (and in only 9 years) recorded such massive numbers of achievements. But when it comes to mention his name, nothing turns to be impossible. Ibrahim Younes, the king of social media, proves the saying that “age is not a barrier, it’s a limitation you put on your mind.”

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