World Harvesters Outreach Ministries Empowers People’s Faith through Books

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World Harvesters Outreach Ministries Empowers People’s Faith through Books

June 09
23:24 2021
This ministry uses the power of God’s words to encourage people and help to deepen their trust in Jesus Christ.

Ministry service entails a lot of work. More than the message it aims to bring to people, the means to get the message to its target audience needs to be effective and efficient. Though ministry activities may vary in different Churches, the goal is quite similar—to spread the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

To reach a wider audience, ministries today tap various media to share their beliefs in the hopes of empowering their audience’s faith. Some work with television and radio networks, others take advantage of the internet and technology. And still, others utilize a more traditional way, the print media.

World Harvesters Outreach does it all and even more to spread the message of how powerful God’s love for man is. The ministry believes that the work does not need to stop when the sermon is finished and the churchgoers leave. It continues its work whenever one watches a video, listens to the radio, or reads a book about the unwavering love of God. Dr. John King Hill in collaboration with World Harvesters Outreach Ministries have published a collection of books that aim to enrich the spiritual lives of individuals, deepen their faith, and widen their understanding of God’s working power.

Each book is released in both paperback and e-book versions and may be purchased from different platforms including its website. Among them are bestsellers Dominion Power of Rulership, Dimensional Warfare Bundle—which includes two books: Armor of God and Spies Among the Church—and Men of Purpose. Some books can enlighten readers about Heaven and the supernatural, while others tell readers about love and relationships, the power of prayers, secrets of prosperity and the glory of the LORD God.

These books are more than just knowing about God; they are rather instrument that allow the readers to connect spiritually through the powerful words written on the pages. The ministry hopes that by taking some time to read and understand these books, people will become more exposed spiritually and gain a deeper understanding of the LORD, and how to glorify Him.

With today’s technology, ministry work does not only happen in the confines of a place of worship. It can also happen at the comfort of one’s home, on the balcony, or wherever anyone may be, with the help of resourceful materials — a good book or e-book.

About World Harvesters Outreach Ministries

World Harvesters Outreach Ministries is a worldwide ministry that is dedicated to showing the love and demonstration of the power of God. The ministry produces conferences, crusades, seminars and books to empower people everywhere. It also works with different televisions and networks to deepen people’s understanding of their beliefs and faith in Jesus Christ.

Media Contact
Contact Person: Dr. John King Hill
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Phone: 866.978.9324
Country: United States

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