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Tez The Writer – From The State Penn To The Ink Pen… He’s Up Next

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Tez The Writer – From The State Penn To The Ink Pen… He’s Up Next

June 25
16:54 2021

Cortez Johnson CEO of TTW Productions, producer, writer and director, who writes under the pseudonym; TEZ THE WRITER has been given the caparison to Tyler Perry with an ambitious plight on developing a slew of tv and film projects. The West Philadelphia native was released in 2016, after finishing up an 18 ½ year prison stint for a crime he didn’t commit. During his incarceration he turned his time into a college and discovered his ability to write.

It all began in 2004 with writing his first novel titled; “Caught in the Life” a story about a young man’s rise to power in the mean streets of Philly and its consequences, one which most inner city ghettos can relate to. Once Tez completed his his book, he started sending his manuscript out to major and independent publishers. It soon would find its way into the hands of; Teri Woods and Vicki Stringer. But later learning more about independent publishing, he chose to create his own publishing company.

In the mist of it all, around 2009 Tez grew a passion for film and television and taught himself how to write movies and tv shows. In growing his body of work he expanded his genres to: crime drama, comedy, love stories, sci-fi onto horror. His most highly anticipated projects are the MOVE podcast and tv series. MOVE was a back to nature organization founded by John Africa in West Philadelphia. John Africa stood to protect all life; animals, plants onto humans by way of fighting against police brutality, air pollution, animal cruelty and racism. The Philadelphia state government wasn’t ready for this new ideology and things turned confrontational between MOVE and the Philadelphia Police. MOVE a would suffer brutality from the 1970’s to May 13th 1985 when a tragedy struck many homes. With only one living survivor, Ramona Africa, her accounts has yet to be told. Many people know about this story and many don’t. In the wake of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor the world is now ready for stories this deep which has been suppressed for decades.

The Probe is an episodic crime drama that entails the core of American culture through the streets of Philadelphia in a melting-pot of Blacks, Whites, Latinos and Asians. Philly’s drug, real estate and crypto currency market is wide open and everyone salivates for a piece of the action. But not so fast, there’s always someone watching and in this case, Internal Affairs are watching dirty law enforcement. The Feds are watching dirty politicians, judges and high-ranking drug dealers. The drug dealers are watching their rivals, law enforcement on their payroll and those who aren’t. Everybody is watching each other in an attempt to escape a deadly web of subterfuge. Think of The Wire meets Power meets Godfather of Harlem meets Philly and Artificial Intelligence. The Probe is the first of its kind. With over 6 movies and 10 tv shows written, Tez is aiming to make his mark in the industry. He has the drive, patience and content. Once he understood that content was king. His only focus was to deliver the best material.

Get ready for nonstop content by TEZ THE WRITER as he’s on schedule to be a household name.


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