Introducing Magnapot, an Innovative Modular Handmade Organizer

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Introducing Magnapot, an Innovative Modular Handmade Organizer

August 31
23:54 2021
The magnetic organizer is produced and supplied by CREO and is now available on Kickstarter from today, August 31

Finding the perfect organizer for both home and office can be a real pain. There is almost enough option online and it can be an uphill task to determine which is the best organizer to buy. Committed to quality home and office furniture, CREO is thrilled to announce the launch of its magnetic modular organizer. Magnapot is an innovative desktop magnetic organizer that aims to spruce up the living spaces. The new cutting-edge organizer, which is handmade with the utmost care, is all about adding the much-needed touch of green and gentle style to any room.

“We all look forward to creating a peaceful home, but it can be challenging to achieve that soothing natural ambiance inside a concrete jungle,” stated a leading spokesperson from Magnapot. “This is where our innovative Magnapot could make all the difference. You have a handcrafted set of magnetic organizers here that will rejuvenate your living spaces as a miniature garden, a makeup stand, an organizer for office supplies, and more.”

A typical Magnapot set comprises of 4 stands – two with 4 tipped magnets and two with two tipped magnets. The stands are equipped with industry-leading Neodymium magnets, which are a breeze to work with and exude a modern vibe. No special tool is required to arrange the Magnapots and users can attach and detach them easily to experiment with various styles and figure out the best combination for an artsy desktop organizer.

One unique value proposition from Magnapot as a planter is that it does not require frequent watering. It is a self-care planter that comes with wick-integrated insert pots that are placed inside them. Users would only need to water once before placing the insert pots into the planter. After that, the wick-integrated insert pots would keep feeding the plant to keep them alive and growing.

Available in two colors – Classic White and Carbon Grey, Magnapots can even be used for storing tiny knick-knacks like hair clips, pins, and so on. Besides, they would make a perfect canvas for kids looking forward to experimenting with crayons.

Speaking on, the spokesperson stressed the versatility of the Magnapot and mentioned its excellent usability in various fields.

“Magnapot is a desk organizer and so much more. You have a dynamic sculptural art piece here that would make an aesthetic visual on your table, just next to your mini garden. You will also love its understated semi-matte glaze finish that speaks of fine style and class.”

The spokesperson emphasized that CREO, the team behind Magnapot believes in curiosity and play. With over 20 years of design, manufacturing, supply chain, and fulfillment experience, the company is very well familiar with the process of bringing a new product into the world, and the importance of being in communication with customers and making sure everything is going smoothly up to the very last step.

Magnapot is now available on Kickstarter and Backers will be rewarded with special Kickstarter discounts on all Magnapot units, which start at just $39 for a pack of four.

Suitable for all small apartment plants, such as snake plants, cacti, spider plants, ZZ plants, and more, Magnapot is undoubtedly a handy organizer.

About CREO

CREO is an Innovation Company based in San Francisco Bay Area and envisions intelligent green ecosystem technologies for buildings.

Backed by over a decade of research and innovation from academia, CREO is comprised of experienced partners from environmental technology, business development, clean energy, and industrial design backgrounds.

For more information, please visit or send an email to [email protected].

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