CarbonLand Trust introduces ESG NFTs that remove CO2 and save Trees

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CarbonLand Trust introduces ESG NFTs that remove CO2 and save Trees

September 10
23:30 2021

NFTs are undoubtedly gaining in popularity, with creators of NFTs making art, games making items to use in play, real estate, and others. It seems every day brings a new player to the NFT marketplace. And recently joining in the NFT market is CarbonLand Trust, a protocol that offers ESG NFTs. They offer digital assets like CO2 Removal Bonds that yield Carbon Removal Credits & Forest Conservation Certificates that yield unique outdoor experiences.  

Lots of NFTs out there use a lot of energy in their minting and being transferred. But CarbonLand Trust’s NFTs are minted on Energy Web, a blockchain 100% powered by renewable energy. CarbonLand Trust’s NFTs have ESG benefits built-in and are proudly the only NFTs that are removing carbon dioxide from the air and protecting forests for future generations to enjoy.  

CarbonLand Trust just launched the first batch of ESG NFTs designed to remove CO2 and Conserve Forest. Each ESG NFT from CarbonLand Trust represents real carbon removal credits and is associated with real forest land conserved perpetually to sequester CO2. These CO2 Removal Bonds are a great fit for brands and individuals looking to reduce their carbon footprint long term and accomplish their sustainability targets. 

CarbonLand Trust’s first issue of ESG NFTs is from 40 acres being used as a pilot project to test an MRV framework for Measuring, Reporting, and Verifying all future projects using Satellite, Drone, and In-person visits. The first batch of CO2 Removal Bonds were just recently listed for sale on GreenSea and brand NFT marketplace. CarbonLand Trust offerings include: 

CO2 Removal Bond: Yields CRC Yearly 

  • Buy or Sell on CarbonSwap or open market DEX 

  • Yields CO2 Removal Credits (CRC) yearly by airdrop to the wallet holding the NFTs for the term of the bond. 

  • The Removal Bonds will open up access to voluntary carbon markets to all landowners who would like to conserve forests using CarbonLand Trust regenerative stewardship protocol. 

  • CO2 Removal Credit (CRC): Claimable for Offset Reporting  

CO2 Removal Credits (CRC) is a token representing 1 ton of carbon removal.  

  • CRC is issued based on MRV data of forest lands represented by CarbonLand Trust Forest Conservation NFTs.   

  • CO2 Removal Credits are airdropped to holders of CO2 Bonded NFTs based on the terms of the bond and the number of bonds a wallet is holding.

Forest Conservation Certificates: Yields MRV Passes Monthly 

  • Buy or Sell on CarbonSwap or open market DEX  

  • Or Earn a Conservation Certificate by claiming 360 CO2 Removal Credits (CRC) 

  • Yields one MRV Pass each month by airdrop to the wallet holding the NFT perpetually. 

”CarbonLand Trust is minting and issuing ESG NFTs on Energy Web Chain due to it being powered 100% by renewable energy and having very low transaction fees. And we chose to launch on CarbonSwap because we wanted to start with the lowest possible carbon footprint and maintain that in the whole life cycle of CarbonLand Trust’s products and services. When looking at the available blockchains out there, EW stood out as a chain focused on lowering CO2 so it is a great fit for our business model,” said Boone Bergsma, Founder of CarbonLand Trust.

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