Introducing Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee Blend, a New Coffee Flavor by Sonny’s Donut & Coffee

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Introducing Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee Blend, a New Coffee Flavor by Sonny’s Donut & Coffee

September 14
23:30 2021
The new coffee flavor is created by Sonny’s Donut & Coffee to satisfy the cravings of coffee takers with a rare coffee blend

Coffee is unarguably the third most consumed beverage in the world. It comes forms the first thing people take to start their day, at breaks and lunchtime, and the close of the day. There are more than a hundred different coffee flavors and blends available in coffee shops worldwide, and this accounts for a significant percentage of the consumption of coffee globally.

While there are several coffee shops worldwide, it is an ordeal for coffee snobs to find a place that sells the Bourbon barrel-aged coffee flavor. Sonny’s Donut & Coffee, an online coffee shop, provides the rarest of coffee flavors to coffee snobs. The online coffee shop has announced it will be featuring the Bourbon barrel-aged coffee blend from September.

“We are excited to offer a unique coffee with its bourbon barrel-aged coffee,” said Sonny’s Donuts. “The coffee beans mature for 30 days in a used bourbon barrel. No worries, the coffee does not contain any alcohol. As a bourbon enthusiast myself, I was excited once we started this offering. Roasting bourbon-aged beans and the taste is an excellent choice,” they added.

Sonny’s Donut and Coffee offers a variety of exciting coffees from around the world, and the new Bourbon barrel-aged coffee blend comes in four different flavors. The unique coffee blend by Sonny’s include:

  1. The French Press Grind which is perfect for French press and cold brew
  2. The Espresso Grind is ideal for Espresso and comes in fine grind
  3. The Drip Grind for pour-over or drip brewing with medium grind and
  4. The Whole Bean flavor

Besides the new Bourbon barrel coffee, other coffee flavors sold at Sonny’s online coffee shop include the Sonny’s Java Sunrise Coffee, Sonny’s Shamrock Mint Coffee, Sonny’s Blueberry Bliss Coffee, Sonny’s Single Origin Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee, and much more.

To order the Bourbon barrel-aged flavor from Sonny’s Donut & Coffee, please visit

About Sonny’s Donuts Coffee Brand

Sonny’s Donut & Coffee, a US-based Online Coffee Shop with plans to open it’s first donut shop here soon. Our name is derived from our family dog.  Sonny is an empathetic and spunky soul who carries an aura that makes everyone around him feel like the most important person in the world.

Always running to greet everyone with a big smile and an epic wiggle butt that only a bulldog can deliver, Sonny’s aims to use the Sonny’s Donut & Coffee Brand to offer everyone who orders and drinks the same warm feeling one of the many coffee flavors sold at the shop.

For more information, log on to or send an email to [email protected].

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