New GoFundMe Campaign Highlights The Plight Of Workers Amidst The Pandemic

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New GoFundMe Campaign Highlights The Plight Of Workers Amidst The Pandemic

September 14
23:46 2021
New fundraising campaign, Help4Lisa, launches on GoFundMe to help an ailing worker recover from the pandemic fallout

A new fundraising campaign has surfaced on GoFundMe, one of the popular online fundraising platforms to raise $4,500 for an individual to help her recover from the Covid-19 pandemic fallout. The campaign also brings to bear the predicament of millions of people, especially essential workers in the United States and other parts of the world after the pandemic led to lockdowns and similar restrictions.

2020 was not the best of years, with the coronavirus pandemic majorly disrupting normalcy across the globe. Several measures were put in place to curb the spread of the virus, with employees instructed to work from home in line with the safety protocols under governor mandates. However, essential workers were still required to report, ultimately exposing them to a higher risk of being infected. This was the case of Lisa, following her employer’s instruction for her to report to work that excluded essential workers from those mandates. However, things took a drastic turn after she had to self-quarantine following a directive from her healthcare provider when she became asymptomatic and COVID testing at the time was selective due to a limited supply of tests available. This led to the termination of her contract by her employer with no protections to secure her position while in self quarantine.

Lisa’s case is just one of many, with millions of people across the globe suffering a similar fate after literally putting their health and life on the line during the pandemic, only to be let down by their employers either after contracting the virus or while quarantining as a safety measure. The situation of Lisa is one of the several thousands of people struggling to recover from the effects of the pandemic.

The case is even more worrisome as recruiting softwares are creating barriers for applicants, with algorithms and filters set up to weed out qualified applicants with employment gaps of 6 months or more for those impacted by layoffs during the pandemic and may have not been updated post COVID layoffs. 

Automated hiring software’s and programs used by employers to scan resumes and filter job applicants – is mistakenly rejecting millions of viable candidates with these filters where a resume is automatically screened out by their RMS or ATS which will never reach a recruiter’s desk for candidacy selection despite meeting all other requirements of a job post as substantiated by a recent CNET publication. This has deepened the crisis as the long term unemployed continue to face multiple barriers, or some initially opened positions suddenly closed, a phenomenon that can be attributed to the sheer volume of applicants due to the mass layoffs, making it difficult for applicants to secure a job and earn livable wages after the pandemic.

In a related development, a fundraising campaign tagged Help 4Lisa: Help Lisa Recover from the Pandemic Fallout was recently launched on GoFundMe. The goal is to raise enough funds for Lisa to reestablish stable housing, as well access the needed care following the deterioration of her health condition, with the stressors resulting in neglect of her pre-existing medical conditions and developing new ones such as Type II Diabetes.

For more information about the Help 4 Lisa campaign and to support her on the cause to regain housing, continue her respiratory treatments, and hopefully secure a job.

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