I Am Royalty Helps Men Grow Healthy Facial Hair Because “A Man With a Beard Is a Real King”

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I Am Royalty Helps Men Grow Healthy Facial Hair Because “A Man With a Beard Is a Real King”

September 15
06:36 2021
I Am Royalty Helps Men Grow Healthy Facial Hair Because "A Man With a Beard Is a Real King"

People have different ways of expressing themselves. Women may show their personality through makeup, others through clothing. For men, it could be through extensive and carefully groomed beards. But, not everyone gets to immediately achieve that flawless-looking beard. Hence, believing that “a man with a beard is a real king,” Ryan Haydel built I Am Royalty to help men tend to their beards and achieve their best looks.

Beards have the incredible power to tell a story and amplify a character. But just like hair, they also require the right products to be maintained and be at their best all the time. Sadly, some men face issues with growing the kind of facial hair they want. Others also have to deal with skin conditions that prevent hair growth or create patches in their beards. But I Am Royalty amplifies that growing that desired beard should not be as hard as it looks. The company aims to empower men who want to grow beards by providing them with 100% natural products that promote hair growth, softness, rids of tangles, and keeps beards smelling fresh.

While there may be hundreds of existing products in the scene today marketed to help men grow beards, Ryan Haydel shared that they don’t often live up to their expectations. Like most of his clients today, Ryan understands how taxing it is to find the right products for grooming facial hair, but his quest was not always successful. Tired of finding products for himself, Ryan took matters into his hands and created an innovative solution.

“Over the span of five years or so, I used many different products from various brands that simply did not help my beard grow. I had a patchy beard and a beard where one side grew longer than the other. I thought about creating a brand with great products that promote growth and overall a healthy beard,” said the founder. 

I Am Royalty carries all-natural products that smooth beards and enhance the look of the beard in every way. The products also boast “a scent that is second to none that’ll have your partner forever glued.”

“I stand behind my product 1000%, guaranteeing that there will be growth within your beard,” said Ryan Haydel. I Am Royalty is backed by hundreds of customer reviews that attest to the product’s effectiveness when it comes to growing and enhancing facial hair. The CEO also prides himself and his company for impacting the lives of the men who have used I Am Royalty. The product has played a vital role in helping men grow beards from nothing or enhance the facial hair they already have.

Beyond aesthetics, I Am Royalty is focused on rebuilding the confidence that every man wants and needs. For such men, facial hair is not just an accessory but a critical part of their identity, and I Am Royalty understands the importance of their role in their lives. 

In the next few years, I Am Royalty aims to become an industry leader, serving men from all walks of life across the globe. The brand aims to create a lasting mark in the industry and gain the trust of millions worldwide.

Learn more about I Am Royalty on its website.

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