The purpose of raising pots and the role of teapots

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The purpose of raising pots and the role of teapots

September 15
23:38 2021

The purpose of raising a pot is not only to make the teapot more shiny and beautiful, but also because the clay pot (or stone pot) itself has the characteristic of adsorbing tea quality. Therefore, a properly maintained teapot can more effectively “help tea”.

Raising pots is like planting saplings, and the way of raising pots by pulling out seedlings may be effective for a while, without nature. Only by patience and maintenance on weekdays, and absolutely not rushing, can you fully show your efforts to your teapot.

1. The maintenance of the new pot Before the new pot is used, some treatment must be done. This is like a grand launching ceremony that must be held after the ship is built and before sailing. There are two types of new pot processing methods that are more recognized at present, one is the traditional one, and the other is the simple one.

2. In the traditional style, take a pot and wash it thoroughly without any odor. Fill the pot with water, the depth of water can be more than 2 cm over the entire teapot, and then put in the newly bought teapot. Then slowly heat it over a low heat. When the water boils, add a large handful of tea leaves that have been roasted on a heavy heat and cook for about 3 minutes.

Then, pick up the tea leaves that have been brewed, and continue to boil them on a low heat for 30 minutes. Take out the teapot, place it in a dry and odorless place, and let theteapotdry naturally in the shade.

However, some people omit the step of putting tea leaves and just boil a new pot with clean water. As for which is better than which is inferior, it is not definitive based on personal preference.

In short, the main purpose of the two is to force out the powder in the pores of the pot body, remove the earthy smell, impurities and a thin layer of wax on the surface of the pot body.

3. Simple method First, fill the clay pot with cold water, fill it with warm water after it is poured, and fill it with boiling water for the third time after the warm water is poured. That is, by gradually increasing the water temperature, the powder in the pores of the pot body is passed out. At the same time, take a small toothbrush. Soak it in hot water for 3 minutes. When the bristles of the toothbrush soften, apply toothpaste and brush the inside and outside of the clay pot once.

After these few procedures, the earthy, unpleasant smell and waxiness of the new pot can be removed.

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Finally, rinse the inside and out of the new pot with boiling water.

After this grand “launching ceremony”, the new pot can be officially “launched”. It is gratifying to have a good pot, but if you don’t know how to keep the pot or the maintenance method is improper, you will have a good pot in vain.

So whether you have a famous pot, an antique pot, or a modern teapot with a winning style, you can only rely on the careful maintenance on weekdays to make your love pot look like “Liangju meets Bole” and exude its own moisture.

The hardness of the sound teapot varies depending on the firing temperature. Therefore, the sound of the teapot can also be divided into turbidity or turbidity.

There is no certain standard as to whether the sound is crisper or muddy is better.

However: According to most connoisseurs, a pot with a crisper sound is more suitable for brewing tea with mellow and high aroma (such as raw tea); A pot with a duller sound is suitable for brewing hot tea with heavy fermentation and low flavor.

The way to distinguish the sound of the pot is to lay the teapot flat on the palm of your left hand and lightly train the body of the pot with your right index finger.

One point that must be particularly emphasized here is that Yixing clay contains quartz components, so after making a teapot, you can see a little golden light when you put it under the light, which is a feature that other clays don’t have. Also, the bottom of the pot is smooth and neat, and the signature should be neat.

Usually a pot will have at least two or more seals, mostly on the bottom, lid or handle of the pot.

The practicality of a pot In addition to a good pot that looks pleasing to the eye and beautiful, the most important thing is the quality of use. In other words, the practicality of the tea pot.

tea pot

Drinking tea and watching pots are not only the enjoyment of life, but also an art of life.

The important task and function of the teapot is to fully show the color and fragrance of tea leaves.

Therefore, when buying a teapot, one should not only focus on the rare and precious aspects, but also focus on its practicality. The question of practicality can be discussed from two aspects, one is the type of teapot, and the other is the size of the teapot.

1. Types of teapots Some people specialize in collecting various types of teapots, which are regarded as antiques. Therefore, the longer the age of the teapot, the higher the value; secondly, the price of the teapot comes from a famous master, and the price also varies greatly. When buying a teapot, whether it is a new or an old one, you must first measure your personal financial ability before making a decision. Teapots are mainly divided into porcelain products and pottery products, both of which have their own characteristics. Porcelain teapots are suitable for expressing aroma and are often used for brewing fermented tea (raw tea), and ceramic teapots are suitable for expressing taste, and are often used for brewing heavy fermented tea (Hot tea).

2. Teapot size The capacity of the teapot is different, the smaller one is only a small cup, and it is exclusively for personal drinking: the larger one has dozens of small cups, which can be used for dozens of people to drink together. Therefore, when buying a teapot, be sure to determine its size according to your personal use and friends. Otherwise, the teapot is too small, there are too many visitors, and it’s too late to drink: it’s impolite to treat the guests. On the contrary, if the teapot is too big and there are too few guests, it will be too impolite to force the guests.

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In recent years, with the importance of traditional culture and the prevalence of tea-drinking habits, people increasingly pay attention to the style, quality and pot art of tea-drinking.

Use a good teapot to brew top-quality tea, which is suitable for both mouth-drinking diners. Making tea and drinking tea is an elegant event that is pleasing to the eyes and entertaining oneself. It is also an art of life and enjoyment of life, which can add a bit of elegance to a busy life.

Tasting tea alone can immerse yourself in a leisurely and quiet atmosphere;

Tasting tea with friends of three or five: you can talk about it all over the world, and even forget what tonight and eve. This is also the highest state of “cold night guests come to tea as wine”.

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