‘360 Wisdom Speaks’ Podcast Releases Highly-Anticipated Series 2 with 8 New Episodes and a Spotlight on Sue Wilhite

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‘360 Wisdom Speaks’ Podcast Releases Highly-Anticipated Series 2 with 8 New Episodes and a Spotlight on Sue Wilhite

September 22
23:30 2021

Las Vegas, NV, USA – September 22, 2021 – Two like-minded friends decided to take on the world and make it a better place by generating an even more significant impact. They’re doing this through their podcast, 360 Wisdom Speaks (now on its second season) – which features life-changing events from ordinary people who have found hope in overcoming adversity, going from victim to victory, or just wanting something different for themselves.

The second series of the podcast is kicking off with a bang by featuring Sue Wilhite. After rocketing to the top of her career in six short years, Sue Wilhite had a healing crisis that changed her life and focus. She is now a two-time International #1 best-selling author, Gold medal award-winning show host, Law of Attraction coach, and Certified Biofield Tuning™ Practitioner. She specializes in getting her clients unstuck and encouraging them to fulfill their own destinies. The episode is available now at https://open.spotify.com/show/5OJ11ubtPxmqZMyiKidUAC.

Listeners will find inspiration and motivation in the latest releases from Beverly Zeimet and Nicole Borghi, co-hosts of 360 Wisdom Speaks Podcast. Each episode presents eight uplifting talks that range from stories about how they changed the path of their journey, which led them to overcome obstacles of mass destruction.

The pair have also announced new workshops that each help to achieve different goals:

• Beverly Zeimet takes you from Disaster 2 Master, a true spiritual journey aligning with the soul; learn more at Beverlyzeimet.com.

• Workshops available to make the shift into leadership and personal growth, Shift Happens with Nicole Borghi, learn more at https://bit.ly/3CllMoy.

“Our plan going forward is having a podcast series that includes joining in with the speakers, breathing exercise for reducing stress, meditation for energy and clarity, simple techniques for emotional balance and aligning the soul with the body, and a whole lot more,” said Zeimet.

Released on or before the 1st of every month, 360 Wisdom Speaks can be heard on Spotify, iHeart Radio, iTunes, Anchor, Rumble, YouTube, 360 Wisdom Speaks Facebook Page, Radiopublic, Breaker Audio, Amazon, Odysse, and more.

About 360 Wisdom Speaks

Nicole and Beverly continue making a difference in lives around the globe. Their podcasts carry life-changing messages making one’s journey to self-mastery smoother. The power of these two to unite with over 50 yrs experience makes them unstoppable. Join their community and leave your legacy.

During 360 Wisdom Speaks, Nicole Borghi and Beverly Zeimet will share where conscious connection happens. Hang on tight while the Enlightened Enchantresses empower you with good vibes, laughter, light, and love. Strap on your jet pack and prepare for take-off. We’ll traverse through the realms of transformation. Enjoy the journey as you soar alongside your guardian angels and spirit guides!

360 Wisdom Speaks awakens the heart, illuminates the soul with quantum frequency vibration, and inspires one to live life to its fullest. Feed into the passion of raw emotion and personal action. Shift! From the overwhelming feeling of not being enough to a positively empowered being.

On 360 Wisdom Speaks, Nicole and Beverly share tools to freedom from the pains of depression, anxiety, or self-doubt. As we holistically heal the Soul, we awaken into a more loving human being. Together, we transform at a cellular level through divine healing energies, becoming the creator of our lives and awakening our magic! Tap into the conscious connection and ascend. The time is now for awakening!

Learn more about 360 Wisdom Speaks at www.sabotagesmasher.com/podcast.



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