Infratrader shares insight on what to look for in an investment brokerage firm

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Infratrader shares insight on what to look for in an investment brokerage firm

October 04
22:33 2021

Investment success requires you to use an investment broker that aligns with your investing appetite, goals, and preferences. While there’s definitely no sure-fire way to guarantee investment returns, your investment’s success rate will be elevated significantly if you select an investment broker that is reputable and suits your needs. Here is a definite guide on how to select your perfect investment broker.

A Basic Overview of an Investment Broker

An investment broker can be a person or institution who conducts investment transactions on behalf of you, the investor. This person or institution will work closely with you to buy and sell investments. Depending on the type of service they offer, a broker can also provide personalized investment advice and customized solutions.

The obvious and noteworthy factors to consider when selecting an investment broker includes:

1. Regulated Broker

It is crucial to select a broker that is transparent and regulated. Brokers that are regulated by established regulatory bodies such as Canada’s Fintrac or Australia’s ASIC are highly sought after for their strict rules and compliance. The regulatory body conducts regular checks on the brokers to ensure they protect the investors’ best interests.

2. Online Security & Account Protection

As most brokers are taking their investment platform online, most investors will have access to their investor portal. It is crucial to check the security of the website, from the SSL certificate to the encryption model. Check their terms and conditions to ensure they do not sell your personal information to advertisers.

3. Trading Fees & Commissions

Be sure to find out about the trading fees imposed by the brokers. Some brokers might charge exorbitant amounts for every trade and investment. Talk to their support team or consultant to learn about their minimum deposit amounts, account maintenance fees (if any), and the performance fees for managed accounts.

4. Payment & Withdrawal Schedules

One of the most crucial considerations when selecting a broker would be their withdrawal terms. Make sure you check on the settlement window for your profits, the types of withdrawal options availability, and the payment schedule. The standard across the industry would be weekly pay-outs of profits to your investment account and a maximum of 7 working days for withdrawals to your local account.

5. Customer Support

Do not underestimate the difference a solid customer support team will provide to you. You will inevitably face some issues, and there must be a dedicated and attentive team provided by the broker to assist your problem resolution. Some international brokers provide local representatives and they are a clear indicator of the broker’s investment in their support team.

By considering these factors, you’ve hopefully found the investment broker that will best serve your needs. Use the educational and research resources available to you, start outlining your investment strategy and talk to the sales representatives of each broker.

One of the most recommended and highly regarded brokerages today would be Infratrader Limited. Infratrader ( ticks all the factors mentioned above and has tailored solutions for every level of investor. They have served customers for years and have a solid infrastructure set up after many years of innovation. Visit them at or contact your local agent.

About Infratrader

Infratrader is one of the world’s leading brokerage, focusing on commodities. Driven by an unrelenting passion to serve our members, Infratrader constantly pursue the light of intellectual innovation, creating golden solutions that build fortunes for our clients every possible instance.

We imbue our efforts with values that are essential to our success, to expand internationally and become a global financial powerhouse. Infratrader boasts a comprehensive administrative support, state-of-the-art IT systems and excellent risk control protocols.


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