The Lecture “Lean Management Implementation In The Era Of Artificial Intelligence” Was Grandly Held At Zhengheng Power

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The Lecture “Lean Management Implementation In The Era Of Artificial Intelligence” Was Grandly Held At Zhengheng Power

October 11
21:48 2021

Zhengheng power has implemented TPS since 2005. After more than 10 years of practice, it has combined Toyota’s production management mode with its own characteristics to form Zhengheng’s own zhps. On October 11, 2017, the lecture on “lean management implementation in the era of artificial intelligence” hosted by Chengdu Machinery Manufacturing chamber of Commerce was grandly held in the conference room of Chengdu Zhengheng Power Co., Ltd. More than 30 chamber of commerce enterprises participated in the event.


This speech was delivered by Mr. Jeff Martin from the United States. Jeff Martin is a senior management expert and management consultant in the United States, focusing on lean management. With more than 30 years of management consulting experience, he has served many world-class enterprises such as Nissan, shell oil and British gas, especially in manufacturing enterprises and consulting services based on lean management.


At the beginning, Mr. Jeff Martin, as an experienced person in the automobile industry, told the story of lean production from the initial impact on the American automobile industry, the fierce response of the American automobile industry and automobile companies to how to find the way to success of the Japanese automobile industry. At the same time, combined with the production modes in different historical stages, this paper tells the transformation history from manual mass production to lean production.

In the lecture, Mr. Jeff Martin emphasized the book “lean thinking” by two American lean production research experts: Dan Jones, Daniel T. Jones and Jim Womack, James P. Womack, and its essence, that is, the five principles of lean thinking and the 5R principle of material procurement

1. Value lean thought holds that the value of enterprise products (services) can only be determined by the end users, and the value can only exist if it meets the needs of specific users.

2. Value stream refers to all activities that give value from raw materials to finished products. Identifying value stream is the starting point of implementing lean thinking, and seeking the overall best of the whole process according to the position of end users.

The enterprise value creation process of lean thinking includes: the design process from concept to production; Information process from order to delivery; Conversion process from raw materials to products; Life cycle support and service processes.

3. Flow lean thinking requires all activities (steps) of creating value to flow, emphasizing “movement”. The traditional concept is “division of labor and mass production can be efficient”, but lean thinking believes that batch and mass production often means waiting and stagnation.

4. Pull the essential meaning of “pull” is to pull the production according to the needs of users, rather than forcibly push the products that users don’t want to. Flow and pull will reduce the product development cycle, ordering cycle and production cycle by 50 ~ 90%.

5. The basic goal of the enterprise is to provide perfect value for users with perfect value creation process. The “perfection” of lean manufacturing has three meanings: user satisfaction, error free production and continuous improvement of the enterprise itself.

5R principle: Right time, right quality, right quantity, right price, right place.

The activity of buying back the required quantity of goods from the appropriate supplier at the appropriate price at the appropriate time in order to maximize the procurement efficiency.

After completing the introduction of lean production, Mr. Martin further elaborated how to match the most critical people and data in the lean production process in the era of artificial intelligence, and how to train people to meet the requirements of the era of artificial intelligence.

This lecture made the manufacturing entrepreneurs here have a further understanding of lean production, and let them understand the important nodes that traditional manufacturing enterprises need to pay attention to under the background of the trend of artificial intelligence.

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