The High Standards Of Skylark Chemical’s Laundry Detergent Products

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The High Standards Of Skylark Chemical’s Laundry Detergent Products

October 11
22:04 2021

The chaos in current laundry detergent market

According to the investigation, the technical threshold of the laundry detergent industry is low. By searching on major e-commerce platforms, the prices of domestic and overseas well-known laundry detergent brands are different on different e-commerce platforms or even on the same platform, with many low-priced products appearing. In addition to well-known brands, many Chinese manufacturers selling low-priced laundry detergent products through live streaming, community group buying and China Alibaba wholesale platforms. The wholesale price of laundry washing powder is as low as $0.5/kg.

With the continuous improvement of living standards, Skylark Chemical believes that only efficient, exquisite, high-quality home care products can satisfy customers’ long-term favor. Our Laundry Detergent is tested according to the highest national standards of China. The surfactant content of anionic detergent is above 15% and the pH value is neutral to reduce the damage to the fabric, reaching the highest national standards of China. In addition, we make technical adjustments to our products with the concept of environmentally-friendly, reducing damage to clothes and prolonging the life of clothes, such as High-efficiency Clothing Deoiling, Floor Cleaner and other previous strong alkaline products.

Skylark Chemical always believes that enterprises should strictly abide by laws and regulations, and never touch the red line of laws and regulations. We strengthen production management and promote the development of green concentration, consciously implementing the national industry standard or EU standard of liquid detergent for clothes. Our company standardize business activities and sell qualified products, strictly preventing and controlling fake, shoddy, low-quality and low-price products into the market. We also advocate civilized competition and standardize pricing practices, refraining from cheating on prices and unfair joint pricing of equivalent prices. Skylark Chemical actively cooperate with the sample inspection work of the competent department of the industry and honestly confirm the sampling products. We obey the management of the competent department of the industry, and form a complete self-discipline and restraint mechanism of the enterprise.

We firmly believe that we will be able to supply better home cleaning and care solutions for customers around the world, and acquire win-win cooperation with more partners.


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