Kickstarter campaign launches the world’s first true tabletop wargame

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Kickstarter campaign launches the world’s first true tabletop wargame

October 27
23:48 2021

Terran Expanse: The Colonial Worlds Rebellion is a breakthrough war game aiming to provide the most authentic wargaming experience for gamers. 

ModGames has recently launched the FIRST True war game of the world on Kickstarter. Titled “Terran Expanse: The Colonial Worlds Rebellion”, the innovative game is a massive multiplayer tabletop, player-driven simulation game that can be played in both tabletop and mobile app versions.

One of the major USPs of Terran Expanse is that it’s the FIRST-ever tabletop wargame that is completely controlled by the user. ModGames, the creator of the game, will have no control on the player’s strategic moves or territory. The war game has no end- it’s all up to the player to manage, defend, and expand their territory.

“We are thrilled to bring to you our cutting-edge ‘Terran Expanse: The Colonial Worlds Rebellion’- a breakthrough wargame that promises a wargaming experience like no other. We have extensively designed the game to make it the most streamlined and battle-driven wargame in the current market that can bring to you the most authentic wargaming experience”, stated the leading spokesperson from ModGames.

Per the statements of the spokesperson, Terran Expanse is intelligently designed to create a super-massive, ever-expanding universe that is made up of several different territories. Each territory comes with its own distinct characteristics to ensure a different experience for players as s/he goes on capturing one territory after the other. 

One of the coolest parts of Terran Expanse is that there are no seasons or resets in the game. The game will continue in real-time, every day. Also, the game does not pose any limit on the number of players.

“Terran Expanse allows you to control your kingdom, your world- whether you want to play the hero or villain. You will be able to colonize new areas, defend your own territory as well as explore deeper into the game to build your own vast and powerful empire. When it comes to gaming possibilities with Terran Expanse, the sky’s the limit.”

Speaking on, the spokesperson said that they have partnered with some of the best 3D artists, 3D printing professionals, and extensive 3D printed prototyping to bring the most premium 3D miniatures for the Terran Expanse players.

Interestingly, the game involves a ranking structure for the gamers. There are 5 tiers, starting with Captain on the First Tier. The Captain Box includes –

  • 40 Multipart miniatures
  • Game Chits for Tactical and AO Board
  • Color-Coded D6
  • Game-specific damage dice
  • Paper game maps
  • 48 modular Terrain Hexes
  • 4 buildings to change the map for each game
  • And more

“Terran Expanse has gone through extensive playtesting – we have streamlined the rules to help you play large battles fast. The goal is to enable the gamers to play the war games that they have read about in the lore of other games. As of now, we are looking for mass production of the game. However, such a high-tech project demands robust financial backup and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring Terran Expanse to life and elevate the wargaming world to newer heights altogether.”

Backers will be rewarded with special Kickstarter discounts on Terran Expanse units. To show your support for the game, please visit Kickstarter

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Company Name: ModGames
City: Cleveland
State: Ohio
Country: United States

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