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Shock Room Fitness in Berkeley Heights, NJ, Explains the EMS Bio Shock Suit

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Shock Room Fitness in Berkeley Heights, NJ, Explains the EMS Bio Shock Suit

November 09
23:15 2021
Shock Room Fitness in Berkeley Heights, NJ, Explains the EMS Bio Shock Suit
The cutting edge in fitness in New Jersey is the concept of the EMS Bio Suit. Shock Room Fitness is explaining to the public how electro muscle stimulation can be used to reach fitness goals much more quickly and easily than a standard fitness program.

Berkeley Heights, NJ – Anyone who has ever used a TENS unit to help with pain management already knows what a bio suit is all about.  

The basic concept of the Berkeley Heights EMS Suit is that it uses painless, completely safe electrical stimulation to make muscles contract and relax.  For example, lifting a barbell causes the bicep muscle to contract and then relax. Wearing the EMS suit is like that.

When a person goes to Shock Room Fitness, the first thing that happens is that they are fitted with the suit.  The EMS wireless suit Berkeley Heights is then individualized to fit each person’s fitness goals.  Depending on what the person wants to accomplish, the suit is programmed to reach that goal. 

If a person is already physically fit, the suit will be programmed to increase strength and speed.  If a person has a particular area that needs weight loss, such as the abdomen area, the EMS trainer Berkeley Heights will program the suit to provide a longer stimulation period to that particular area.  

People with cellulite problems can have their suit programmed with a specific frequency that targets metabolic activation.  There is also a setting for resistance training to combat fatigue.  A very popular setting is the relaxation setting.  Many people use this setting to release tension and lengthen muscle fibers.


About Shock Room Fitness

Dr. Richard Maggio originally founded Shock Room Fitness to help a good friend overcome back pain from an injury and several surgeries.  Dr. Maggio soon realized that the low-intensity electric impulses provided by the EMS suit could help everyone, not just people recovering from injuries.

Media Contact
Company Name: Shock Room Fitness
Contact Person: Jeff McMahon
Email: Send Email
Phone: (973) 858-5370
Address:425 Springfield Ave
City: Berkeley Heights
State: NJ
Country: United States

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