Why are more and more people installing metal sofa legs

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Why are more and more people installing metal sofa legs

November 17
23:22 2021

The sofa is the main furniture in the entire international history, although some cultures didn’t use it until the last century. In some iterations, the sofa is simply a futon or cushion placed on the floor to provide a comfortable padding on a hard surface. Finally, the sofa is designed to have legs and can be raised to a height above the floor. This happened because the Cultural Association thought the ground was dirty. However, apart from cultural and historical reasons, sofas with feet have many advantages. Next, the furniture foot manufacturer Geran will tell people about metal

The advantages of metal sofa feet

• Stability: A sofa with feet is more stable than a sofa without feet. The latter tends to move slightly during use, but the foot sofa itself takes root and can be fixed wherever it is placed.

• Easy to access: One of the disadvantages of a legless sofa or cushion is that people have to bend down, sometimes as low as the ground level, to sit in it. Although this may be a better choice for some people, most adults find that their legs do not leave the ground when they are sitting on the sofa.

• Higher durability and higher cleanliness: The legged sofa is lifted to the floor, avoiding the friction of hard surfaces, thereby extending the service life. In addition, compared to a sofa without legs, a sofa with legs does not collect too much dust and dirt, and requires less cleaning and overall maintenance.

Since the sofa with feet has so many advantages, how to install the metal sofa feet?Missing or falling off of the sofa legs can cause the sofa to tilt or shake. Not all sofa legs look the same, and they are connected in different ways. Regardless of the original fixing method, people can fix feet on the sofa.

1. Turn the sofa over and check the bottom of the sofa frame. Determine how sofa legs are secured.

2. If a top plate or T-nut is installed on the wooden frame, screw the sofa legs to the bottom of the sofa.

3. If the nut is missing, replace the T-nut or top plate.

Install a new T-nut or top plate

1. When purchasing new T-nuts, please place the metal sofa legs in a hardware store or home decoration center to ensure that the hanger bolts fit the T-nuts. If the top plate is missing, please purchase a hook base plate that fits the bottom of sofa frame and the legs of the sofa. The top nut is permanently installed in the center of the board, which gives people a place to use the retractable fixing bracket.

2. Place the T-nut against the sofa frame and point the metal nails toward the frame. Make sure that the new T-nut matches the original hole on the sofa frame. Hit the T-nut into the frame with a hammer. If sofa was originally installed with these screws, use wood screws to fix the new top plate to the frame of the sofa.

3. Screw the hanger screws of the sofa legs into the new T-nut or top plate.

Replace the bolt

1. If the sofa legs cannot be fixed or are missing, please install new boom bolts. This requires people to use a slightly larger boom bolt to screw into the original sofa leg, and install a top plate or T-nut suitable for the new boom.

2. Screw the ordinary hex nut to the side of the T-bolt or the hanging bolt used on the top plate. Fasten the nut on the bolt. Screw the nut into the sofa leg, it can protect the thread on the bolt.

3. Insert the tip of the boom into the original hole of the sofa leg. Install an adjustable wrench to the hex nut that people previously installed on the bracket bolt. Screw the boom bolt into the metal sofa leg until the nut is flush with the metal sofa leg.

4. Remove the hex head nuts from the hanger bolts. Screw the new hanger screw of the sofa leg into the new T-nut or top plate.

Fix the legs with wood screws

1. Align the screw holes on the metal sofa legs with the screw holes on the sofa frame.

2. Pass the original wood screws through the feet. Use a screwdriver to tighten the screws in the sofa frame to secure the legs in place.

3. If the original frame hole has been stripped and it is no longer fixed on the sofa, please replace it with the original wood screws. Use a slightly longer and thicker wood screw so that when people screw the screw into the sofa, the screw can grab the undamaged side of the original hole in the frame.

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