Bestselling author Natalie Martin: “I was tired of being average.”

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Bestselling author Natalie Martin: “I was tired of being average.”

November 19
00:30 2021
How a math teacher rewrote the story she was telling herself and grew into the great life she deserved.

Natalie Martin always loved numbers, and despite seeing no Black female role models getting their advanced-level math degrees, she pursued what she loved. But still, her ambition was limited to being a math teacher and military wife, moving through nine different bases with her husband and five kids. On the plus side, moving so much exposed her and her kids to many different cultures. But after being in and out of the classroom, taking on tutoring jobs so she could be home with her kids, Natalie knew she was destined for more. She just couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t coming toward her.

“Nothing was making any headway, and it was sucking the life out of me. I knew I was moving through life with no direction. I could see these big dreams, but I had no way of getting there. And then it’s as if I heard God say, ‘You have to renew your mind.’” She took that to mean breaking ties with all the organizations she’d been part of and starting from scratch. She emptied her mind of everything she’d been telling herself and began listening to motivational speaking—literally five hours a day. “I had to get my mind out of thinking ‘I can’t’ to thinking ‘I can.’ What I was thinking about myself, that was the problem.”

It took about two years for her to move past that—and then Covid hit. “Covid really gave me the push that I needed. I had been for years talking about writing a book and doing different things and stepping out in entrepreneurship. But I didn’t find my niche,” she says. But she loved counseling, and when she saw how moms were struggling with kids being home and everything being shut down and having to consider home schooling, she decided to create a workshop to help them. She’d done all the self-development work; she was ready. And now she had a purpose. 

The Monday after everything shut down, she held her Zoom workshop and three people showed up. But she put the recording on her Facebook page and it got hundreds of views, with people sending her messages of gratitude. Now she is building her client list and preparing to leave the legacy for her kids that she feels her grandmother left for her. And that legacy is the most important thing to her. “I’m standing on the ceiling that my grandmother made for me; my kids are going to be standing on the ceiling that I make for them. So I got to go higher, because they will not be paying for college. They will not be struggling.”

Read more about Natalie’s advice for leaving the legacy you want in the inspiring new book Moms Who Boss Up Post-Pandemic, by Tam Luc, the author, educator, and podcaster dedicated to helping women “boss up.” The book collects 16 interviews with moms who are side hustlers and multitaskers, who faced the uncertainties of the Covid pandemic—and other obstacles—by embracing their strengths and finding their authentic paths. They have so much to share and to teach, and while every story is unique, there is creativity and perseverance at the core of each one.

Connect with Natalie at her website: or on Instagram @Natalie.Lee.Martin.

You can also learn more about her at, where you can find a link to Moms Who Boss Up Post-Pandemic. And don’t miss all the dynamic and supportive women from the Women Who Boss Up book series who are scheduled to speak at the upcoming Women Who Boss Up Summit!

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