Bestselling author Cynthia Hearse found her safe space – and herself

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Bestselling author Cynthia Hearse found her safe space – and herself

November 19
01:22 2021
A degree in accounting but a passion for ministry led Pastor C to a new calling as a coach and counselor

Like most high-schoolers, Cynthia Hearse applied to college with the intention of earning a degree that would get her a good-paying job. But when she got that bachelor’s in accounting, she cried instead of celebrating. She knew accounting was not the career for her. Nevertheless, she went out on the hunt for a job, and when nobody hired her, she accepted that she had a different calling. She began what has now been more than 30 years of work with SJMBC: The Word Church in Wharton, Texas.

Female pastors were not common back in the day, and though she aspired to lead the church, the most she felt she could do was work within the church. But one day she got invited to a women’s retreat and decided to attend. Leaving her regular day-to-day routine and meeting a group of women with whom she could share her fears and dreams changed Cynthia’s life. Finding that safe space inspired her not just to finally see herself as pastor of the church—which she has now become—but also drove her to coaching, so she could be that model for other women who find themselves at a crossroads, struggling with emotional issues, or unsure how to pursue or discover their purpose.

“I don’t believe that we ever get beyond the expectations of others; it kind of stays with us,” Cynthia says. “But I think that the more comfortable we get with ourselves, the more we embrace who we are, then the less weight the expectations of others have over us.”

You can hear much more of Cynthia Hearse’s story in the inspiring new book Moms Who Boss Up Post-Pandemic, by Tam Luc, the author, educator, and podcaster dedicated to helping women “boss up.” The book collects 16 interviews with moms who are side hustlers and multitaskers, who faced the uncertainties of the Covid pandemic—and other obstacles—by embracing their strengths and finding their authentic paths. They have so much to share and to teach, and while every story is unique, there is creativity and perseverance at the core of each one.

Until her own site is built, you can get in touch with Cynthia through the church website,, or on Facebook, where she is Cynthia Hearse. You can also learn more about her at, where you can find a link to Moms Who Boss Up Post-Pandemic. And don’t miss all the dynamic and supportive women from the Women Who Boss Up book series who are scheduled to speak at the upcoming Women Who Boss Up Summit!

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