The 4th Belt and Road Broadcasting Science and Technology Development Forum Has Been Successfully Held

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The 4th Belt and Road Broadcasting Science and Technology Development Forum Has Been Successfully Held

December 02
21:30 2021
Enhance International Cooperation & Exchange and Promote Scientific and Technological Innovation & Development

How to focus on the crucial work and tasks of “One Belt, One Road” of the country and the broadcasting industry, continuously promote international exchanges, and effectively enhance the capacity of international communication? How can enterprises participate in the construction of “One Belt, One Road” and innovate the work pattern of “Go Out”?

On November 26, the 4th Belt and Road Broadcasting Science and Technology Development Forum, hosted by Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau, was held in Beijing as an online event. Experts from domestic and foreign broadcasting industry and relevant enterprises attended the forum with the theme of “enhance cooperation and promote innovation in science and technology”, and actively implemented the national initiative of “One Belt, One Road” as well as the crucial instructions delivered by President Xi Jinping at the 3rd symposium on the construction of “One Belt, One Road”, so as to promote extensive cooperation between Beijing’s broadcast and network audio-visual technology enterprises and countries along the Silk Road, exchange and share cooperation experience, and foster the expansion into international markets. Twelve companies from Beijing’s broadcast and network audio-visual technology industry participated in the live webcast of “Broadcasting Technology Product Promoting Event” which was held during the same period with the forum, and introduced their latest technology products and solutions via online streaming.

Yang Peili, Deputy Director of Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau, delivered a speech

Focus on industry growth, Strive to create an authoritative release platform

Yang Peili, Deputy Director of Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau, pointed out that in the face of the complex situation of Covid-19 sweeping the globe, as the administrative department of Beijing’s broadcast and network audiovisual industry, the Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau actively promotes and supports enterprises to cooperate with countries along the Silk Road in terms of technology and talents, and brings the most authoritative and cutting-edge information on the development of broadcasting technology in each region with the help of this forum to make the most mainstream technological voice of the industry.

Khairati Musahulov, representative of the Kazakhstan State General Corporation of Radio and Television, said, “In recent years, Kazakhstan State General Corporation of Radio and Television has established good business relationship with China Media Group, China Film Group, Xinjiang TV and other Chinese institutions.” The forum brings new opportunities for the development of radio, television and network audio-visual technology by exchanging experiences and promoting interaction among enterprises in the field of radio, television, network audio-visual and electronic information, and hopes to carry out new cooperative projects with international partners in the framework of “One Belt, One Road” in the future.

In the field of information technologies and virtual production, China and Uzbekistan have strengthened their cooperation on the achievements of existing cooperation. According to Nozim Jumayev, Deputy General Director of Milliy TV in Uzbekistan, the country is now very interested in robotics, IT, 5G and e-Sports, and this forum will provide quick and efficient access to more information on new technologies in China and will allow international competitors to learn about the results achieved in Uzbekistan.

CCTV has carried out innovative practices in 5G and 4K/8K UHD technology applications. Mei Jianping, Executive Deputy Director of the Key State Laboratory of Ultra HD Video and Audio Production from China Media Group, explained the latest media technology development trend and the national policy supporting 5G and Ultra HD industry, and shared the innovative applications such as “Intelligent Host”, “AI Digital Human” and “AI Video Restoration”.

High-quality construction of “One Belt, One Road” has opened up a new dimension in China-Arab relation. He Fei, Deputy Director of News and Public Relations Department of China-Arab Center, said that since the establishment of China-Arab dialogue relationship, the two sides have deepened their relations and made extraordinary achievements in exchanges and cooperation in various fields. The cooperation between the two sides in the media domain has continued to develop, forming a good situation of multi-level, multi-channel and diversification.

As the only Sino-foreign joint venture satellite TV station on the traditional Silk Road, China-Arab TV covers nearly 500 million people in 22 Arab countries and regions in West Asia and North Africa. Yang Wei, director of China-Arab TV, introduced that the Arab radio and TV industry is characterized by satellite TV as the main transmission channel, fast development of online audiovisual industry, etc. The high proportion of Arab young people is also great advantage for China-Arab radio and TV cooperation. The overall improvement of China-Arab relationship has laid the foundation for the cooperation of China-Arab radio and TV industry.

Pay attention to the frontier of science and technology, Strive to build an international exchange platform

In recent years, Beijing’s broadcast and network audiovisual industry organizations and technology enterprises have carried out extensive exchanges and cooperation with countries along the “One Belt, One Road” and achieved valuable experience and fruitful results. Yang Peili said that the broadcasting and network audiovisual industries are highly dependent on science and technology, and seizing the opportunity of the technological revolution is conducive to promoting the integration and innovation of content production, transmission and access, terminal services, security supervision and so on. Based on the actual situation in the capital city, Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau is focusing on the “Two-Region” construction, giving full play to the advantages of radio and television technology, focusing on the docking point of development strategies of various countries and the intersection of industry development, and supporting the economic, social and cultural development of countries and regions along the “One Belt, One Road”.

As one of the representative enterprises of technology going out in the field of broadcast and network audiovisual, Startimes has been cultivating the African market for more than ten years and has become a household name in Africa as a digital TV operator and content provider. Cao Jianghui, Vice President of Beijing Startimes Software Technology Co. Ltd., introduced its online video service platform named StarTimes On, which covers more than 20 countries in sub-Saharan Africa and has accumulated more than 20 million users, with more than 140 live channels and tens of thousands of hours of on-demand content.

Overseas-oriented ultra-high-definition content distribution platform helps many Chinese national brands “Go Out”. Zhang Zhao, Product Director of GoChina TV, introduced that Mewe Media, an ultra-high definition content distribution platform built by GoChina for overseas public sites, uses Internet intelligent display terminals as media to target content in medium and high-end Chinese restaurants, cafes, large supermarkets and other commercial places operated by overseas Chinese, building a distribution network and resource channel for overseas communication. The UHD content distribution platform has provided one-stop international promotion and communication services for major domestic events and activities, and laid a good foundation for the cross-border trade business.

“The past is the era of reading, now is the era of viewing pictures, and the future will be the era of video, and it is the era of real-time interactive video.” Xie Ning, Vice President of Base Media, believes that the accelerated integration of games, animation, visual effects and VR is heading toward a meta-universe. For the visual effects industry, the Cloudization of the whole industry chain has five major advantages: First, it can realize effective supervision, which is more conducive to the orderly development of the industry; Second, it can realize real standardization and process reshaping, forming a shared economy and distributed production; Third, it can create a domestic software ecology and solve the problem of card neck; Fourth, it can downgrade the application scene and give rise to new demands; Fifth, it can export the digital production capability to overseas.

The broadcast platform of the 14th National Games, for the first time, used a large number of public cloud production systems, and Dayang Technology Development Inc. participated in the whole process of the system design and project implementation of the Integrated Media Command Center (IBC on Cloud) and 5G Remote Signal Production Center of the National Games. Zhao Tianxiao, Technical Director of Overseas Center of Dayang Technology Development Inc. said that cloud production mode under multi-cloud architecture is the development direction of audiovisual production in the future, and video cloud can significantly reduce the cost of program production. Based on multi-cloud architecture, it can carry out rich forms of LIVE production and cross-domain picking and editing.

Promote the implementation of projects, Strive to build an international service platform”

The forum will give full play to the role of Beijing’s national cultural center as an exemplary model, focusing on the implementation of projects and focusing on building an international service platform.” Yang Peili said that the Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau will further enhance the international influence and appeal of industry enterprises by strengthening the support and guidance for the creation of “One Belt, One Road” content, building a platform for the promotion of movies and TV dramas to the outside world, and organizing Beijing’s TV agencies and technology enterprises to participate in IBC, BA and other important overseas festivals and exhibitions.

China’s digital audio and video coding standard (AVS) has received close attention from international standard organizations and industrial organizations, and its promotion and application in overseas has also achieved remarkable results. Zheng Jianhua, Director of Overseas Promotion Department of Digital Audio & Video Coding Standard (AVS) introduced, in order to promote the internationalization of independent standards, build China’s new generation of digital television broadcasting standards system, and form a standard to drive the development of industrial innovation, AVS standard has made positive preparations and adaptive changes for internationalization, through close cooperation with industry to support and participate in internationalization activities, which is a good start for the further internationalization and overseas promotion of AVS3. By promoting the AVS3 standard in the DVB standard organization and participating in the competition of “TV3.0”, the UHD broadcasting international promotion alliance has provided a strong platform for the standard integration and innovation promotion, industry chain cooperation and development, as well as the overseas cooperation of autonomous intellectual property technology.

Beijing Digital TV State Engineering Laboratory has carried out the construction of trial and demonstration areas for new service operation to promote the application of China’s national standard for digital terrestrial multimedia broadcast(DTMB) overseas. According to Mao Ke, General Manager of Beijing Digital TV State Engineering Laboratory, China’s national standard for digital terrestrial multimedia broadcast(DTMB) has now landed in Cuba, Laos, Cambodia, Pakistan, Djibouti, Sri Lanka, Comoros, Timor-Leste and other countries and regions, and encourages enterprises carrying out overseas promotion and application of DTMB standard to apply for foreign aid project implementation enterprise qualification and invite them to participate in relevant broadcasting fields In order to speed up the overseas promotion and application of DTMB standard.

Innovate service solutions, Strive to create an international promotion platform

As an important part of this forum, the Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau has taken an innovative initiative to organize a total of twelve live webcasts in 3 time slots with Beijing’s broadcast and network audiovisual technology enterprises participating in the Broadcasting Technology Product Promotion Event. Sumavision, Dayang Technology Inc., Jishi Media, Shineon, Compunicate Technology Inc., Huaqing Weiye, Realmagic Technology Co., Ltd., Fxlion, Leadav, Telikou Technologies Co., Fineone and Yukuan Science Technology Co., Ltd. – 12 companies together took part in this event to promote their innovative products and technical solutions in the form of “livestream selling”.

Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau has been taking the overall goal of serving the construction of “One Belt, One Road” and the high-quality development of radio and television, focuses on the key projects and tasks of “One Belt, One Road” of the country and the industry, actively participates in the construction of “One Belt, One Road”, and innovates the concept of “Go Out”. As a result, further international exchanges have been carried out and international communication capacity has been effectively improved. On the day of the forum, the number of online viewers reached 27,000, including overseas viewers from more than 10 countries and regions such as the United States, South Korea, Singapore and India, which received wide attention from the industry both at home and abroad. In the future, Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau will continue to work together with the countries and regions along the “Belt and Road”, uphold the principle of mutual consultation, construction and sharing, and contribute to the development of “Belt and Road” broadcast and network audio-visual technology.

Broadcasting Technology Product Promotion Event

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