Tree Experts Orlando Acquires Its First Hydraulic Tree Spade

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Tree Experts Orlando Acquires Its First Hydraulic Tree Spade

July 07
18:48 2022

Orlando, Florida – Acompany that has been working extra hard to reduce cases of tree removal in Orlando, Tree Experts Orlando has invested in its first tree transplanting machine. Earlier today, the CEO announced the machine was delivered earlier yesterday but will start operating from tomorrow.

The CEO noted that for the longest time Tree Experts Orlando has been receiving a lot of tree removal service requests. He noted that in most cases a better solution would have been used.

For the longest time,” said the CEO, “Tree Experts Orlando has been registering a very high number of tree removal orders. On arriving at the landscape, the company’s professionals find that most of the cases did not need the trees to be removed but moved to a new area instead. Homeowners end up losing their trees.”

The CEO noted that when clients booked the company for tree transplanting services, the company had to hire a tree transplanting machine. He added that the company severally carried out the process manually.

When homeowners reached out to Tree Experts Orlando for tree transplanting services,” said the CEO, “the company was forced to hire a transplanting machine. This pushed the company to charge the clients more. The company has also carried out the process manually severally. This also forced the company to demand higher payments since a lot of time was used in a single process. What’s more, the tree moving team was made to overwork.”

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The CEO noted that the company would be open for tree transplanting services in the entire neighborhood including; Tampa, Saint Petersburg, Jacksonville, Hialeah, Miami, Nassau, and Havana, beginning tomorrow.

With the new hydraulic tree spade,” said the CEO during the announcement, “Tree Experts Orlando can transplant trees in around 20-25 landscapes in a day. This means the company can now service a bigger region easily. From tomorrow, the company will be open for tree moving services in Orlando and all its suburbs.”

The CEO made it clear that the company had purchased a tractor earlier before purchasing the new hydraulic tree spade.

Hydraulic tree spade is too big to be transported by small cars,” said the CEO jokingly. “For this reason, Tree Experts Orlando had acquired a brand new tractor earlier to pave way for the machine. With the help of the tractor, the company’s tree moving team can easily move the tree from one place to the other and replant it.”

The CEO noted that the company was in the process of purchasing more hydraulic tree spades. He added that after adding more transplanting machines, the company would also expand the tree moving team.

One tree transplanting machine is not enough for a big tree care company like Tree Experts Orlando,” said the CEO during the announcement. “The company is, therefore, planning to purchase 4 more hydraulic tree spades. 5 machines will help the company to service many tree owners at the same time. After clearing the purchase, the company will recruit more tree care specialists into the tree moving team. This will help the company to easily divide the team into five groups so that each machine will have its control team.”

The CEO confirmed that the company had reduced the tree transplanting charges. He also added that the new machine could move trees without killing or causing any harm to the tree.

The new machine transplants trees without causing any harm or killing them,” said the CEO. “With the new machine, the company decided to reduce tree moving charges now that it will make work easier. Homeowners should take advantage of this and make a booking with Tree Experts Orlando.”

Homeowners can visit the Tree Experts Orlando’s offices at 10802 Satellite Blvd, Orlando, FL 32837, United States. They can also call the company at +1 321-340-2817 or send an email to [email protected]

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