Basic Information and Advantages of Car Refrigerators

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Basic Information and Advantages of Car Refrigerators

July 07
16:54 2022

car refrigerator is a refrigerator that can be carried in a car. The compressor car refrigerator is a traditional technology, and the cooling temperature is low, which is -18 degrees 10 degrees. It has high refrigeration efficiency, can make ice, keep fresh, and has a large volume.

Working principle

The refrigeration temperature of the compressor is low, which is -18 degrees and 10 degrees. High refrigeration efficiency, capable of making ice, keeping fresh, and large volume are the mainstream directions for the development of car refrigerators in the future.

Advantages of car refrigerators

1. Applicable to power supply of various voltages, whether it is 12VDC or 24VDC, the built-in power supply device of the compressor car refrigerator can automatically identify different voltages and adjust accordingly.

2. It is easy to carry and has excellent design of internal and external dimensions.

3. The compressor car refrigerator is most suitable for off-road vehicles, RVs, trucks, buses, yachts and boats.

Car Refrigerator Precautions

1. For use in the car, the cigarette lighter is connected.

2. When switching from the heating function to the cooling function, it is recommended to turn off the power supply and start the car refrigerator after 5 minutes.

3. Please ensure that the air vents and cooling holes of the car refrigerator are unobstructed at any time.

4. Do not stuff items into the cooling holes and suction holes of the car refrigerator. Keep away from the heat source when using the car refrigerator.

5. When cleaning the car refrigerator, please turn off all power, please do not use strong detergent to clean the refrigerator.

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