Innovative biomimetic microfluidic technology licensed to RheoMeditech to enable new diagnostics for antiplatelet therapeutic window for cardiovascular patients.

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Innovative biomimetic microfluidic technology licensed to RheoMeditech to enable new diagnostics for antiplatelet therapeutic window for cardiovascular patients.

July 07
21:00 2022
A Korean IVD manufacturer RheoMeditech developed and commercialized highly sensitive, point-of-care, and cost effective diagnostics, applying a novel microfluidics platform that mimicks the vascular environment.

RheoMeditech., Inc. (Seoul, South Korea) today announced that a new Anysis system has been developed for tailored antiplatelet therapy. Dual antiplatelet therapy(DAPT) consisting of aspirin and a P2Y12 receptor inhibitor dramatically reduced the incidence of cardiovascular events in many patients. However, the platelet inhibitory effect of the DAPT greatly varies depending on the drug types or the patients, so the needs for personalized antiplatelet therapy is increasing. The Anysis system can now provide the blood migration distance as a diagnostic index as well as the average blood velocity to optimize treatment for each patient. By providing the additional information, doctors can determine quickly and easily whether antiplatelet therapy for their patients is appropriate and well optimized.

“We developed novel therapeutic window indexes that help doctors determine the dose for each patient and types of antiplatelets,” said Sehyun Shin, Ph.D, the founder of RheoMeditech. “In fact, the antiplatelet therapeutic window has long been an unmet clinical challenge. However, as the Anysis system now provides this, we believe that both the patients and the doctors will be satisfied.”

With an exclusive authorization to access the biomimetic microfluidic technology patented by Korea University, RheoMeditech was able to develop innovative products for platelet testing and thrombosis analysis. With a common microfluidic platform, there are four different assays available such as the bleeding risk management test (ADP, EPI) and the anti-platelet response test (Aspirin, P2Y12). “We have succeeded in commercializing an in vivo blood vessel-mimicking microfluidic technology by transferring a cutting-edge technology from Korea University. “We are ready to take off to start a new era of tailored antiplatelets therapy” said Dr. Shin.

RheoMeditech has been an IVD manufacturer for blood analyses for 20 years. In addition to the platelet test device, RheoMeditech is also launching RheoESR, an automated erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) system capable of performing 60 tests per hour. The patented technology provides more precise measurement and convenient use of ESR measurement at the hospitals. Furthermore, RheoScanis a first device to measure the RBC aggregating force(CSS) which can be used to detect unidentified diabetic kidney diseases (DKD). DKDs were found to have a strong correlation with CSS via long term clinical tests and studies,

RheoMeditech is going to participate in the AACC 2022 that will be held in Chicago, USA on July 17 – 21. The company will exhibit their product lines including the Anysis system at the booth #4055. RheoMeditech is currently looking for strategic partners to explore the global markets together.

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