How to choose the right size Garrett Turbochargers

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How to choose the right size Garrett Turbochargers

July 08
00:54 2022

It’s impossible to discuss turbochargers without mentioning Garret. Garret Motion supplies some of the best aftermarket turbochargers in the world. The company’s origin dates back to 1936, when they produced aircraft turbochargers before venturing into the manufacture and supply of turbochargers for heavy machinery, construction vehicles, trucks and commercial cars. Currently, Garret Motion is the leading name in turbocharging technology and high-performance engine technology. Their turbochargers are by far the most impressive units in the market, and here is why.


Staying ahead of the game is one thing Garret Motion is good at. Their turbochargers are unique and offer unmatched performances. Wastegate turbos are a good example. These units are not only smaller than previous turbo generations but also offer more torque and better fuel efficiency. Moreover, the turbos meet emission standards, making them the ideal aftermarket units. Other Garret turbo options include VNT (a variable geometry turbocharger) and Dual-Stage turbos.

Garret is among the few turbochargers that offer diesel engine versions for their production line. These are ideal for trucks, buses and trailers. Moreover, the company is credited for developing single-cartridge dual ball bearing technology that has led to great improvements in engine efficiency.


There is little debate on the performance of Garret turbochargers. They are simply the best aftermarket turbos. The peak performance of Garret turbos is not only affirmed by the users, but it’s also displayed in competitive racing.

Garret turbocharged engines feature in open-wheel racing, drag racing and sports car racing. Since joining the sport, Garret turbos have been responsible for numerous victories across different racing circuits. The turbo units featured in the ‘first turbocharged car to win the Iny 500 and the World Rally Championship’.

The company’s competitive spirit has led to the development of advanced turbo systems. In addition, each victory provides a template for the development of a more efficient turbocharged engine.

Unmatched experience

Garret Motion has years of experience in turbocharging technologies. At the inception of the company, they supplied aircraft turbochargers for the World War, putting their name on the map. The 1950s was a success for Garret as the company secured several contracts with big multinational companies and governments. Their primary work was to supply their turbochargers for vehicle production lines and heavy machinery. For example, the city of Los Angeles ordered several turbocharged engines for their sewage purification operations, and by 1952, the US was operating over 20,000 units. Moreover, the company delivered the first T11 turbocharger to Caterpillar Company and an order of 5,000 units was later placed for installation in the Caterpillar D9 tractor.

The years of operation accrued by Garret have made it a reliable company and a leading name in the industry. Their production line is refined and maintained at the highest level of quality. As a result, big companies like Audi, Porche, Toyota, Peugot, Citroen, Ford, Hyundai and Volkswagen have used Garret turbo engines.


Garret turbochargers are designed to meet the needs of everyone. Whether you are operating a small petrol engine on a sedan or a large diesel truck engine, Garret has a turbo for you. Their turbos are almost a one-size-fits-all since they are compatible with most engines.

The aftermarket Garret turbo range also serves as a cheaper replacement for stock turbochargers. Therefore, if you are looking for cheap aftermarket parts for European trucks, a Garret turbocharger should top your list.

The importance of Garret turbochargers can be affirmed by truck drivers, rally racers, sports car enthusiasts, operators of heavy machinery and any casual driver who has sat behind the wheel of a Garret turbocharged vehicle. It’s simply the best turbocharger in the game.

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