DR EURIQ+ A Superlative Cosmetic Brand Makes Use Of The “Every Organism Heals Itself”

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DR EURIQ+ A Superlative Cosmetic Brand Makes Use Of The “Every Organism Heals Itself”

July 09
06:24 2022

Founded by a veterinary surgeon, DR EURIQ+ is a pre-eminent cosmetic brand that makes use of the Zoopharmacognosy edition that unearths health secrets used by the wild animal through intent observation.

The human race has endeavored to survive in this harsh world with its never-ending hurdles. Now and then life throws at one a new malady. Mankind with its limited knowledge of survival tends to bend knees at every trivial ailment. To make it through this cruel world the best option is to learn from the wild and untamed species. DR EURIQ+ is an accomplished cosmetic brand that operates on the concept of “Every organism heals itself”. Animals make the most out of their surroundings by performing self-healing activities through the utilization of natural products. DR EURIQ+ employs special observational skills through which animal activities are scrutinized and the findings are used to produce unprecedented products from natural ingredients under heavy supervision.

The brand name DR EURIQ+ is derived from the word ‘Eureka’ and ‘le Cosmétique’. Together the brand name stands for the curiosity associated with scientific discoveries and obtaining their answers. For a healthy and glossy skin the dermatologic skincare products produced by DR EURIQ+ are based on laws of nature. For a normal individual wandering through the wild in search of the laws of nature is extremely perilous. DR EURIQ+ explorers make their way through the untamed world in pursuit of substances that have the potential to be used as skin care products. These laws of nature are unearthed by a veterinary surgeon who then founded DR EURIQ+. These laws of nature have been verified by research on royal literature of ancient wisdom by an accomplished researcher who had been appointed as the general director of the royal library. The materials derived from the wild are tested efficiently in university laboratories like Harvard and Oxford. The raw materials are only incorporated in the products if they meet all the required safety standards of the firm.

DR EURIQ+ “Zoopharmacognosy” is a concept that explains the way living things survive, restore and protect themselves in this world. There exist mysterious mechanisms in which animals, plants, and bacteria manage to pull through. The Zoopharmacognosy notion observes wild animals and obtains from them the information related to the self-healing of animals. The firm does not conduct animal experiments as it considers them to be ruthless. Instead, it believes in living alongside these wild animals and learning from their activities. For example, an ailing chimpanzee was seen to suck on the sap and juice of a unique plant, Vernonia Amygdalina while its companions did not pay the slightest heed to the plant. The plant tasted bitter and was highly toxic if consumed in excess. Within a short period, the chimpanzee was up and about on his feet as if it was never ill. Research showed that the plant had a strong anti-inflammatory and immunologic effect. Another astounding thing discovered was that the chimpanzee was well aware of the required dose and did not take a lethal amount.

DR EURIQ+ is an ultimate cosmetic brand that believes in deriving the utmost benefits out of nature and utilizing them for the greater good of humankind.

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