Furbish Fund Rachel Jin expressed her views at the ICC 2022 International Consumers Conference:investment return and green sustainable consumption do not oppose each other

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Furbish Fund Rachel Jin expressed her views at the ICC 2022 International Consumers Conference:investment return and green sustainable consumption do not oppose each other

July 09
08:39 2022

Rachel Jin believes that investment return and green sustainable consumption can be achieved at the same time.

Under the current international consumption trend, what is the relationship between green sustainable consumption and investment return?

Recently, at the 2022 International Consumer Conference hosted by The International Chamber of Commerce China (ICC China) and the Advertising Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), experts and representatives expressed their opinions, and some of these views triggered our thinking on the topic of the relationship between green sustainable consumption and investment return.

Sheila Miller, Head of the Marketing and Sustainability Working Group, Marketing and Advertising Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce, Partner, Keher Law Firm speaks at conference: Why the ICC environmental framework. So the goal of the framework, which has been enforce for, she thinks people first issued about 12 years ago, the objectives are to really underscore the ICC code provisions and how they apply to environmental marketing claims, help advertisers identify, evaluate and appropriately qualify those claims. Repeat the rules, reiterate the rules without eliminating the incentive to advertise legitimate product merits. At the ICC subscribe to the notion that, claim should be banned. The idea is to provide truthful, not misleading information to consumers, so that they can make informed purchasing choices, and then ultimately to assist national self-regulatory bodies with new issues that they arise from new environmental claims as they enter the marketplace.

 (Sheila Miller)

The 1980s, the first “green” brands emerged in the United States and achieved vigorous development in the market. At the beginning of the 21st century, Americans’ demand for green products grew faster,continued growth even in the wake of the U.S. recession following the financial crisis. It can be seen that green consumption is an important way to achieve global sustainable development goals. Promoting green consumption can promote the sustainable development of the industry and improve the efficiency of resource utilization.

Rachel,Founder of Frubish Fund speaks at conference:

Be patient with the economic cycle, finger out the green sustainable growth path. We will get what we sow. Especially in China, most of people believe the “Karma”. It’s a concept of Buddism. If we wanna get positive feedback from the investment, we need respect the social value.Returns of investment and the social responsibility do not oppose each other. They complement each other and they reinforce each other.

(Rachel Jin)

Green sustainable consumption is also positively related to investment returns.For example, in terms of the scale of global sustainable investment: in 2018, it has reached 30.68 trillion US dollars, of which about one-half in Europe and about one-quarter in the United States focus on ESG.

According to Accenture’s 2021 Global Consumer Survey results, 83% of Chinese consumers agree that “society as a whole, including all organizations and individuals, should begin to move towards sustainable development”. Consumers are increasingly making purchasing decisions based on the image, values and mission of brands and businesses.

Kay Toloc swedish max hamburger ltd.Chief Reputation Officer, Chief Sustainability Officer speaks at conference: actually the company selling those don’t have to qualify them as much, but we when we talk about environment of communication we have to qualify a lot, so in that sense when you were doing the environment of communication is likes walking on eggshells,it’s so easy to break something, but I still think that it’s a good thing because if you wouldn’t be truthful,the things were saying about the claimant I think we would have a sub too much greenwash.

(Kay Toloc)

As early as 1991, the German government promulgated the Recycling Law, which is also a pioneer of electricity tariff subsidies. Today, Germany generates 15% of its electricity from renewable sources, and Germany is home to the world’s leading manufacturer of solar cells and wind turbines. The global greentech market was valued at $1.4 trillion in 2007 and is expected to grow to $3.1 trillion by 2020. Germany is well positioned in this market, with a 30% market share in green energy generation and 20% in green transport. As a result, green technology will create 1 million jobs in 2020.

Consumption plays an important role in promoting economic growth. To help businesses understand the trend and consumption at home and abroad the latest policies, and promote consumer technology and business mode innovation, the ICC China and the Advertising Committee of ICC, held on the 2022 International Consumer Conference online on the afternoon of July 5-6.

On the afternoon of July 5 solstice 6 online completed the 2022 international conference on consumers. The conference revolved around the two major themes of “Youth Consumer Rights Protection in the digital age” and “Green sustainable consumption”.

They introduced the latest policies, cutting-edge developments and specific cases. Representatives from European Advertising Standards Alliance, UNICEF Representative Office in China, China Advertising Association, Kuaishou Group, Yili Group, Keller Law Firm, Gray Wise Consulting, Max Burger, JD Group, Lego China, Huangran Foundation and other institutions and enterprises were invited to deliver speeches at the conference (ICC China)

(ICC and ICC China)

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