Sterling Rhino Capital Offers Real Estate Investments Without The Hassle Of Playing Landlord

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Sterling Rhino Capital Offers Real Estate Investments Without The Hassle Of Playing Landlord

July 09
18:42 2022
With A Focus On Multifamily Real Estate Properties, The Company Aims To Maximize Potential For High Returns

Retiring early on one’s own terms with financial freedom – that’s the promise of Sterling Rhino Capital, an investment company focusing on multifamily real estate syndications aimed at producing consistent above-average profits for investors with the minimum amount of hassle.

Sterling Rhino Capital acts as a syndication’s general partner, putting deals together and managing the business plan to provide a return for the benefit of all investors. As with any syndication, a partnership is made between the general partner and the rest of the investors, who pool resources to acquire and develop assets larger than what they could have acquired individually. This way, Sterling Rhino Capital is able to provide its partners and clients with income-generating investments while freeing them up from the day-to-day responsibilities of managing properties.

“When you invest passively through us, you don’t have to deal with any tenants, toilets, or termites,” said the team at Sterling Rhino Capital. “You get all the benefits of investing in real estate without the time commitments needed to be a landlord.”

Founded by businessmen Chris Roberts and Paul Wilcox, the company initially focused its investments on Class B and C multifamily real estate properties. In recent months, however, the founders began to shift to Class A properties in Class A markets, offering a diversified investment portfolio for its client base.

“The need for these assets exists regardless of economic cycles,” explained the Sterling Rhino Capital team. According to its website, delinquency rates in single-family homes were over 15-20% vs only 3-5% in multi-family apartments during the financial crisis in 2009.

Sterling Rhino Capital also has an investment fund in which investors can diversify across 4-6 new class A construction projects with just one investment. This allows them to mitigate risk across several assets in a number of markets including Denver, Co and Phoenix, AZ.

Deals with Sterling Rhino Capital are underwritten to deliver an average annual return in the 25-35% range. The company’s aim is to triple the investment over a five to seven-year period, a good portion of which would come from the sale of the property. Distributions are made quarterly and are automatically deposited into the investors’ bank accounts. Moreover, Sterling Rhino Capital itself invests funds in its own properties, tying the company’s interests together with the investors’.

“My husband and I have invested in four different deals with Sterling Rhino Capital,” said investor Pam E. “It has allowed us to let our money work for us, while we sit on our beach in Mexico. For years we have worked hard for our money, and now our money is working hard for us.”

Interested investors can sign up with Sterling Rhino Capital through its website at

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