SearchBlox: Companies Need to Rethink Their Approach to FAQs

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SearchBlox: Companies Need to Rethink Their Approach to FAQs

July 11
09:03 2022
Today’s FAQs models are antiquated and do not meet the current needs of today’s organizations. SmartFAQs offers a better solution.

Over the past decades, Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs have been a staple in business websites to optimize user experiences and cut back support calls. And it worked. However, with data growing bigger by the day, it’s become much harder to maintain a straightforward list of questions that answer what end users are actually asking. Not to mention, manually managing FAQs is time-intensive and requires significant human resources and expenses.

Today’s FAQs approach does not account for question variations or offer context to questions with a level of complexity. So instead of improving customer self-service, it created a system that still requires human intervention with the added burden of expensive maintenance fees. It’s time for a shift. SearchBlox SmartFAQsTM offers an alternative.

“SearchAI SmartFAQs automates the process of creating and managing FAQs using AI, resulting in a better digital experience for customers,” says John Lewis, SearchBlox’s chief knowledge office.

SmartFAQs is an AI-powered tool that creates thousands of context-rich questions and answers based on content sources across an organization. If users need specific information, SmartFAQs provides fine-tuned results related to keyword search. Customers do not need to wade through pages of search results just to find the answer to one question. They can quickly access precise answers while getting links to larger documents that can offer additional relevant information. It saves them so much time and frustration from going between multiple pages.

According to an independent research, SmartFAQs is 2.5x faster than traditional FAQs in helping users find the answers they need.

With SmartFAQs, management is also easier. Through insights and analytics, search managers can seamlessly find out what users are searching for, making adding, removing, and updating content much more effortless. The technology highlights user engagement while offering insights on ways to improve. In addition, it minimizes compliance risk by automatically flagging changes in the source content.

SmartFAQs’ revolutionary technology opens several opportunities for better user experiences while minimizing costs and maximizing time value. Staff can cut down manual work and spend more time focusing on business services – making sales, building client relationships, and ensuring growth goals are met.

SmartFAQs is versatile and offers a range of benefits to various businesses and organizations with complex services. It is ideal for organizations with multiple client touch-points, support contact centers, and other industries that wish to automate their product information and workflows.

Schedule a private demo with SearchBlox to find out how SmartFAQs can help:

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