This tiny gadget allows a smartphone to view the world in minute detail – A nano shot lens.

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This tiny gadget allows a smartphone to view the world in minute detail – A nano shot lens.

July 11
22:18 2022

The team who make Nano shot lens believe that miniature wildlife photography should be available to all, not just professionals with specialist equipment. 

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Most people do not consider that there is a hidden world all around, that cannot be seen with the naked eye. 

The nano shot lens allows anyone to see the world in microscopic detail using a smartphone. 

“I was filming with the Nano lens in my garden, and I found an Ant that was trying to rescue his friend from a spider’s web. It was amazing. As if the story unfolded the spider came out and the Ant had to run off and leave his friend, it was incredibly sad”

Who can use a Nano shot lens. 
Wildlife fans who want to go beyond what their eyes can see.
–  Photography fans who want to capture the miniature world.
–  Families who want to have fun and want to educate their children beyond what they are normally able to see.
–  Teachers can use Nano lens in their lessons with children
–  Geologists/Biologists/Botanists in their fields who need to check gems, minerals, plant life.
–  General science fans

Weighing just 0.07kg the Nano shot lens is light weight and compact. It only comes in black and white options but does look sleek and stylish. The lens can be slid up and down to fit the camera on almost any phone. 

The Nano shot lens is USB-C powered and takes around 20mins to charge. The device does not need to be powered to run, it is only if there is dim lighting and the focus light is required.

–  No app required.
–  Clip the device on the phone, align with the camera and move close to the object which needs to be viewed.
–  If natural light is low, turn on the focus light. 

–  200x magnification means it can see the smallest of details
–  Very light and compact, can be taken everywhere
–  Offers hours of fun, discover the world around like never before
–  USB-C charger for the light (although not required if there is plenty of natural light)

–  Fits 98% of modern phones
–  Only comes in two colours black and white.
– Affordability/Budget constraints 

Visit the nano shot lens official site here

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