Which Kind Of Food Should Be Packaged In A Vacuum Packaging Bag?

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Which Kind Of Food Should Be Packaged In A Vacuum Packaging Bag?

July 11
18:34 2022

There are many kinds of food on the market, including various snacks, cooked food, pickled products, cosmetics, and household goods. All of them need a packaging bag, especially for food. Some food is packaged in vacuum food packaging bags, and some food is packaged in bags containing air. For example, a potato chips packaging bag is filled with air and is held open with good-looking shape. Brittle potato chips are easy to be broken when touched, so air must be injected into the bag, to avoid chips being broken during transit and sales volumes affected. But air should be extracted for a vacuum packaging bag. The vacuum packaging bag is applicable to the food that is easy to deteriorate at room temperature and atmospheric pressure, such as meat food, sauces, and liquid milk, etc. Yixing Boya New Material Technology Co., Ltd. introduces four major kinds of food that should be packaged in vacuum packaging bag.

1. Chicken feet with pickled peppers, and chicken thighs and wings. These two kinds of cooked pickled food should be packaged in vacuum food packaging bags because it has short storage period and will easily deteriorate when exposed to air.

2. Fish and seafood. Large fish such as octopus, shrimps, squid and prawns are vacuum packed completely so that you have more options when preparing them.

3. Sauerkraut, pickled bamboo shoots, and some juice. Vacuum packaging is very important for this kind of food.

4. Vegetables and legumes. The best way to vacuum pack vegetables and legumes is to cook them so that they do not absorb moisture, and then freeze them, which prevents the food from being spoiled during the process of removing the air to create the vacuum. After reading the basic information above, you must know more about vacuum food packaging bags. If you want to purchase customized food packaging bags, please feel free to contact Boya to choose a best packaging bag for your product.

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