Basic Information and application Of Flood Light

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Basic Information and application Of Flood Light

July 12
09:30 2022

What is a floodlight? Floodlight is a lighting appliance widely used in the lighting industry at present. Floodlight not only has the lighting function of traditional lighting appliance, but also its unique structure has become a popular decorative function. The prosperity of floodlight market not only brings convenience to people, but also another level of thinking.

Floodlight is also called spot light, floodlight, it is important to build the use of decorative lighting and the use of trade space lighting, so that the external brightness of the object illuminated is higher than the condition around, develop the effect of aggrandizement.  Floodlight through the built-in microchip control, there are two products, one is integrated chip combination, the other is a single high-power chip, the former stable performance, suitable for a small range of light, the latter can achieve high power, long-distance large area of light.

The floodlight has bright color, good monochrome, soft light, low power, long life, and luminous time up to 50,000 hours. In addition, its floodlight body is small, easy to hide or install, not easy to damage, no thermal radiation, is conducive to the protection of the object illuminated, a wide range of applications.  The light has a scale plate for easy adjustment of light Angle.

Floodlight is mainly used for single building, historical architectural complex exterior wall lighting, building inside and outside transparent, indoor partial lighting, green landscape lighting, billboard lighting, medical culture and other professional facilities lighting, bars, dance halls and other entertainment atmosphere lighting.

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