Garden Grove Tree Experts Uses Emergency Tree Removal to Open Up Road in the Middle of the Night

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Garden Grove Tree Experts Uses Emergency Tree Removal to Open Up Road in the Middle of the Night

July 12
16:12 2022

Garden Grove, California – A company that has always worked hard to ensure property owners are living in safe environments, Garden Grove Tree Experts helped Jimmy with an emergency tree removal yesterday at 10 pm. Jimmy called the company after his tree fell across a road passing next to his property. The homeowner was reportedly woken up by a loud bang which was immediately followed by the hooting of cars.

The tree had been looking unhealthy for quite some time,” said Jimmy. “The mistake the family made involved ignoring the tree and not taking interest in what was happening. As the family ended up realizing, the tree had been decaying from the inside.”

The homeowner noted that the internal decay had weakened the tree to a point where a small push by the wind sent the tree down.

The wind yesterday was not that much,” said Jimmy. “However, the weakness created by the internal decay could not let the tree remain upright. The tree ended up landing across a neighboring road. The effect was cars trapped on both sides of the tree for about 45 minutes—thanks to the team from Garden Grove Tree Experts, the family was able to open the road in a short period.”

The homeowner noted that when he learned about the tree that had fallen across the road, he went online and looked for a company that offered emergency tree services on a 24/7 basis. He was impressed when the Garden Grove Tree Experts website——showed up.

On its website,” said Jimmy, “the company indicated its emergency tree service team arrived at emergency sites in less than one hour. They also had a phone number the family could use to contact its offices. When the wife called the office, however, she had doubts someone was in the office. At 10 pm, it was hard to believe that someone would be waiting for customer calls.”

The homeowner was surprised when his wife’s call was picked up by a very caring customer service agent. The agent reportedly only wanted to know the family’s address.

As it turned out,” said Jimmy, “the company’s offices were so close to the family’s home. This meant that the family did not have to wait too long before getting the services it was looking for. The team promised to arrive on the landscape as soon as possible. Just about 15 minutes later, the team was on the emergency site.”

Garden Grove Tree Experts reportedly brought advanced tree cutting tools. In less than 30 minutes, the company had reportedly cut up the tree and lifted it off the road. The cars were moving again and the traffic jam was cleared.

The company did not work fully on the tree while it was lying on the road,” said Jimmy while he was explaining how the company handled the entire procedure. “Its team of tree cutting professionals simply cut up the tree into smaller pieces and then used the crane to lift these pieces off the road.”

According to the homeowner, the immediate goal was to open up the road and allow the cars to move again. This was done in less than 20 minutes.

The company spent the next 25 minutes cutting up the tree and loading it in the truck to take it to the dump site,” said Jimmy. “The company also went ahead and removed the tree stump. By the time the company left the landscape 45 minutes later, the family could not thank its team of tree experts enough.”

Garden Grove Tree Experts’ base of operation is located at 11761 Stuart Dr, Garden Grove, CA 92843, United States. Tree owners can contact the company by dialing +1 949-238-1624 or sending an email to [email protected]

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