Apiz – the first world project that will tokenize a living organism

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Apiz – the first world project that will tokenize a living organism

July 13
03:54 2022

12 July, 2022 – The APIZ company announced the launch of a revolutionary and global project based on the tokenization of real business from the agricultural sector. APIZ became pioneers in their plan of uniting the agricultural and crypto worlds, which in the future will provide a unique opportunity for the joint development and application of blockchain technologies in both areas.

Project creation

The idea of creating this project came about on the basis of a successful real business that currently exists in 5 countries of the world: Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Spain, and Andorra. Industrial apiaries are apiaries where there are concentrated from 100 to several thousand bee colonies. Such apiaries are the most efficient and cost-effective, but realizing that the development of beekeeping stopped about 100 years ago, the unification of beekeeping systems is still impossible. Mainly the impossibility of creating an effective mechanism for maintaining an industrial apiary, starting from the knowledge that humanity has today, it was decided to develop their own system based on the advanced achievements of mankind: industry, animal husbandry, the agricultural sector, IT Technologies, Blockchain. After all, no one had even thought before that agribusiness could be put on the blockchain and that the blockchain itself could be used to improve the efficiency of agribusiness.


Igor Ganya started his active work 15 years ago in China, with a capital of $ 5,000, and today his group of companies has spread its branches in more than ten countries of the world, covering the fields of agriculture, winemaking, restaurant business, crypto mining, business relations and much more, providing decent pay for more than 400 employees. Today, all forces are thrown into the development of beekeeping, since the leader of the company believes in its prospects most of all.

Daniil Mosco has devoted his life to the IT domain and today he is the founder of an IT company, located in Republic of Moldova, that employs almost a hundred engineers, developers, designers and marketers, who are creating web projects, mobile applications and offer effective and complex software solutions in communications, data storage, web security and more for huge international corporations.


The APIZ project is based on a ten-year development plan. The main long term goal of the company is to create a system for 1,000,000 hives and tokenize such a factor as a living organism and this organism will be one bee, which will be equated to one APIZ token. Based on an average number of bees in a hive of 50,000 units, the total number of tokens which will be issued is equal to 50,000,000,000.

According to current calculations within the company’s economic model, the market price of one bee is $0,01. At the time of the launch of coins, they will all be frozen, and the defrosting system will be strictly prescribed in the smart contract. It will be completely tied to the yearly economic reporting of the enterprise and based on the number of hives at the end of the active beekeeping season (end of October), that part of the coins that corresponds to the formula: quantity of bee colonies at the enterprise * 50000 will be defrosted.

Holders of more than 50,000 coins will get the opportunity to stake coins in order to become the owner of a virtual hive. Investors will have access to actual telemetry of the hive that is represented in company’s balance sheet, with the possibility of receiving it as NFT asset in the future, as well as an annual profit of 7% based on the average net profit from one hive of the company, paid in APIZ tokens.

Holders of more than 2,500,000 tokens will receive the status of the owner of a virtual apiary, having the opportunity to choose the region where the prototype is located, as well as a series of additional options in the form of the possibility of disposing of a part of the finished product, a personal visit to a real location in order to get acquainted with company’s activities, and regular virtual inspection of the apiary, which is possible due to VR technologies and connection to the beekeeper during the real-time inspection. Also, such investors receive an annual profit of 10% based on the average net profit from one hive of the company.


The purpose of telemetry is to increase production and efficiency of the hives and apiaries, which will be achieved by optimizing processes based on the analysis of the working time of beekeepers, recording and documenting data and increasing the operational reliability of equipment. At the moment, APIZ company is deeply studying the methods and how they can be integrated in the beekeeping industry.


70% of investments received from the sale of tokens will be redirected to the development of the beekeeping project. The constant growth of the token’s value will be based on the development of the offline project. Today in beekeeping, the cost of one bee is 0.01 dollars and the profit from it during the year is about $0.017. APIZ company already achieved a profit of $0.025 dollars per bee during the year. Based on the calculations, after ten years, the profit from each bee during the year will increase to $0.15.


The APIZ project is not a startup and until now, the total investments in the project are more than $6,000,000 dollars, with its value today already at $25,000,000. Thus, the company and its offline business is becoming a guarantor of the safety of all investments in a crypto project.

APIZ is guaranteeing to all their investors a ROI on the token in the amount of 110% within 18 months from the date of purchase, based on its value at the time of release. It is the unique connection between the crypto project and the project in the real sector of the economy that gives the opportunity to secure your investments.

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