Bliss In Being Launches a New Program, Trauma Transformation System

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Bliss In Being Launches a New Program, Trauma Transformation System

July 14
03:30 2022
The Trauma Transformation System is designed to help high-achievers break through their trauma and leverage it for success.

Traumatic experiences affect people in more ways than they can imagine, even after the event has long passed. These events become deep-rooted in the subconscious and interfere with the present. For many high-achievers, their trauma often manifests as chronic stress or anxiety. Despite building a successful life, they aren’t wholly experiencing its benefits but are instead caught in a cycle of fear and overwhelm. Dr. Cammy Froude, a PhD, licensed therapist, renowned coach, and the founder of Bliss In Being, has launched a new program geared towards helping leaders, business executives, and high-achievers grow beyond their trauma so they can enjoy the life they’ve built.

The Trauma Transformation System (TTS) offers a predictable, evidence-based system for recovering from trauma and stepping into a life of holistic thriving. The program creates opportunities for transformative learning and exploration of new possibilities that allow high-achievers to undo the effects of trauma and use that as a springboard towards economic and social growth. TTS teaches people how to thrive after trauma.

According to Dr. Cammy, trauma causes a disconnect between the mind and body, causing people to experience chronic stress and anxiety. TTS uses proprietary strategies to optimize the mind-body connection, restore balance, and help the nervous system recover to its optimal functioning. Nervous system optimization enables clients to control how they react to negativities and unlock feelings of happiness, success, and fulfillment.

Through TTS, leaders and high-achievers learn to break free from unconscious blocks, let go of pain, and heal their brain and body. After the program, participants emerge stronger and more connected to their core identity and authentic self. They become more grounded and clear about their vision and fully confident that their past traumas are no longer holding them back. Whether at work or home, they show up as their best selves – in control and optimistic.

Dr. Cammy has over a decade of experience helping trauma survivors grow beyond their negative experiences. She utilizes evidence-based strategies for healing, including Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), cognitive processing therapy, prolonged exposure, and more.

Dr. Cammy guides each client through the process, offering consistent guidance and support so they can align their body with their vision and achieve their ultimate life goals.

Learn more about the Trauma Transformation System here:

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