Carla Winston Explains How People Can Balance Fitness and Everyday Life

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Carla Winston Explains How People Can Balance Fitness and Everyday Life

July 14
00:14 2022

Incorporating fitness into one’s daily routine has proven to have many physical and mental health benefits. In an interview with fitness influencer Carla Winston, she revealed how she manages to balance being an influencer, and a mother and also have time to ensure that her physical and mental needs are met through working out.

Carla Winston has successfully managed to build a following of over 19,000 people on Instagram, who are looking to get into fitness or change their lifestyle to be healthier, stronger, and happier. However, what makes Carla Winston’s Instagram page different is that she started it to help herself get motivated to get back into fitness. 

“I was finding myself in the very beginning starting to get weaker and weaker, so that started me off saying, you know what, I have to really get back in shape. I did not want to seem like I was feeling weaker as I was doing certain things. That’s what inspired me to get back into fitness and start my fitness page,” says Carla Winston. 

Through this fitness page, she has been able to help people gain motivation and learn to be the best version of themselves. One of her main struggles with this page was when it came to her own personal motivation. Carla Winston says, “What I struggled with in the fitness world here is just getting up and getting started. I find that if you’re just active, whether it’s riding a bike, whether it’s walking or getting up and doing things with your grandkids, your family, your children.”

Carla revealed one easy way to combat the lack of motivation that she faced and that many people face is by making sure to incorporate some sort of movement or physical activity into one’s daily routine. This does not necessarily have to be full-blown 45-minute workouts every single day. “Even if it’s just for five minutes. While you’re cooking, you can do toe raises, lunges, toe raises, anything that’s just going to keep you moving. At your desk, you can stretch just to alleviate pain while you’re sitting, or you could get up and move once in a while,” says Carla Winston. 

However, Carla Winston noticed that one of the reasons that she found it difficult to gain motivation, and found herself not incorporating physical activity in her day was because of the busyness that accompanies life, more specifically motherhood. “I was always really athletic growing up. I was a long-distance runner, up until I started having children. And then you know, life took over pretty much. And I have four foster kids, two biological kids, and two grandkids.” 

How she was able to combat this was by putting emphasis on her body and her wellbeing. Carla Winston says, “We’re all busy with life.  We’re all busy doing things at work, and children in school and with our families. But we have to also take care of ourselves and our bodies.” 

With her fitness page, Carla Winston has major goals. She wishes to continue to be able to share her experience and love for fitness with her followers. “For my future goals, when it comes to fitness, I want to continue getting stronger, continue to change my physique, to change my body. I want to be able to get more toned and have more definition in my body. And I want to show people that no matter what age you are, you can find some time to live a healthier lifestyle,” says Carla Winston. 

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