Elegant And Beautiful Prom Dress Selections

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Elegant And Beautiful Prom Dress Selections

July 14
00:16 2022
Elegant And Beautiful Prom Dress Selections
Mermaid Prom Dress With Slit
In general, the occasions that need to wear prom dress are birthday party, bachelor party, celebration party, wedding banquet, business banquet and annual meeting, etc. To meet the dress needs of these occasions, Luluslly designed a series of prom dresses.

How can people get their dreamy dresses? According to some researches, first of all, they need to choose the right prom dresses according to people’s body shape. 

How can people get their dreamy dresses? According to some researches, first of all, they need to choose the right prom dresses according to people’s body shape. If the upper body is fat, try to choose a V-neck dress with lotus leaf sleeves and horn sleeves or a loose large swing sleeve with slits to expose the arm, choose a V-neck for the collar to increase the exposed area of the skin and reduce the sense of existence of the upper body; If the arm is not very loose and fat, it is no problem to wear a strapless dress to expose the arm; If the upper body has advantages, the shoulders will be exposed if the shoulders are good-looking, and the neck will be exposed if the neck is good-looking. A slightly fat girl can choose a straight neck to show her neck and collarbone. Visually, she will lose 10 kg immediately. If it is flat, people might as well choose a dress with decoration and design feeling in front of the chest, and use asymmetric design and three-dimensional carving to increase the swelling feeling of the chest. On the contrary, women with large breasts should not choose these styles, and the design of breasts should be concise. Fishtail skirt is suitable for girls with good hip line proportion and thin legs. The more common are umbrella hem and straight hem, which can cover all the shortcomings of the lower body. Girls with good legs can also choose slit hem.

Second, avoid appearing cheap. Satin fabrics with a strong sense of luster and a fluffy skirt supported by multi-layer yarn skirt are sewed with delicate beads and sequins. The dress supported by layers of hard yarn is easy to appear cheap and out of date. Luluslly has made special improvements to this, with fine workmanship, appropriate tailoring, fashion and comfort.

Finally, color needs to be separated and combined. Bright colors are suitable for warm occasions, such as celebrations or thank-people dinners. For other banquet occasions, the dress color should have texture. Try to choose Marandi color one by one to make the dress look very advanced.

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