A new book Abundance, a Fulfilled Path to Success offers proven system for Achieving Fulfillment in Every Area of Life

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A new book Abundance, a Fulfilled Path to Success offers proven system for Achieving Fulfillment in Every Area of Life

July 14
17:46 2022
A new book Abundance, a Fulfilled Path to Success offers proven system for Achieving Fulfillment in Every Area of Life
AbunDance is the work of Oxana Lovich, an internationally transformational coach who has helped thousands of individuals to rise above limitations and reach the apex of balance, delight, and achievement.

PALM BEACH, Fl. – Oxana Lovich has worked with thousands of clients, helping them to achieve their best lives possible in such areas as relationships, financial freedom, sexuality, intuition, communication skills and higher consciousness. A lifelong seeker of wisdom and personal transformation, Lovich has shared with her clients the proven system of practical tools she developed that helped her recover from a tragic childhood trauma.

Lovich said: “Living in a material world can be challenging as it requires a lot of actions to maintain the quality of life. That is when many individuals misalign their values. It seems almost like the quality of the outer world becomes the main source of happiness. Yet, nothing in the material world is completely stable, so the state of being becomes inconsistent as well. And the purpose of life, in my opinion not only your ability to create a comfortable and successful life, but also being able to live in a consistent state of fulfillment, appreciation and wonder.

In her new book, AbunDance: A Fulfilled Path to Success, Lovich details the seven steps needed to achieve life fulfillment and success. There are chapters on mastering Health and Prosperity; Sacred Sexuality; Confidence and Willpower; Love and Relationships; Communications Skills; Intuitive Abilities; and Higher Consciousness.

Throughout this book, the founder and owner of SacredApex states that she is “…thrilled to share with you these proven techniques which will assist you to compose the symphony of actualized abundance, a dance you will continue exploring the rest of life.”

“I believe we’re like a musical instrument – when one or two strings of it is out of tune, it no longer sounds harmonious. The same is true of your life. When you neglect one or more areas of your being, you not only prolong your path to success, you also miss its higher purpose which is fulfillment.”

Oxana has worked with individuals who were very successful financially but not so with their relationships. She has also worked with people who achieved higher consciousness yet were unable to actualize financial security, so the freedom of exploration was diminished. In many cases, clients need to achieve balance between all the facets of their being to achieve the well-rounded fulfillment and success of which everyone is capable. 

About the Author

Oxana Lovich is a certified life coach, RTT hypnotherapist, neuro-linguistic practitioner, and Reiki Master and the founder of Sacred Apex, a company that provides life coaching, hypnotherapy, speaking services and more. In addition to traditional methods of education, she has immersed herself in the teachings of Native American tribes to learn from generations of healers before her. She holds certificates from Berkley University, Marisa Peer’s Rapid Transformational Therapy, The Silva Method Academy, Mind Valley Academy, Sussex Hypnotherapy Centre, and Academy of Ancient Magick. She has been featured on her local ABC affiliate station and spoken at events that also featured Russell Brand, Jack Canfield, John Gray, Gregg Braden, and others. She has been a guest on numerous podcasts and has been featured in New York Weekly, Hollywood Weekly, Odyssey, Thrive Global and Los Angeles Wire.

For more information, contact Oxana Lovich at (561) 564 3662;

[email protected]; www.sacredapex.com

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