Tesla suspends new reservations for the Cybertruck

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Tesla suspends new reservations for the Cybertruck

July 15
04:03 2022
Tesla suspends new reservations for the Cybertruck
Customers outside the US, Canada, and Mexico can no longer book new Cybertruck for their daily commute.

The recent demand spike for Cybertruck has put a massive load on the booking department, and Tesla has decided to halt further reservations for this model temporarily. While the customers that ordered the Cybertruck earlier this year will still get deliveries at the scheduled time, it is simply not possible to book more orders after the production delay. 

Reports show that the production for the Tesla Cybertruck was delayed to 2023, and the company has provided no further updates on the continuation of these reservations. Even though the initial plan included assembly and production in 2022, the primary operations were delayed by Tesla to 2023. 

Tesla has always focused on optimizing its supply chain to match the massive demand from the customers. However, even with their efficient supply chain, it is next to impossible to meet the overwhelming orders for the next three years. This complication was the primary driving force behind the reservation suspensions, and customers outside the US, Canada, and Mexico would be unable to book more Cybertrucks for quite some time. 

Some experts also speculate that these suspended reservations can be attributed to inflation. It is common knowledge that vehicle prices have gone through the roof in the past few quarters, and the same statement holds true for Tesla Cybertrucks as well. 

The uncertainty associated with the varying rates and rising prices creates several complications with the reservations. For this reason, Tesla has decided to stop taking new orders until updated quotations are developed. At present, no specific date has been announced for the continuation of retail orders, and customers are advised to wait for updates. Watch the following YouTube video to learn more about Tesla Cybertruck orders: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5mQYtSYVxE.

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