How to find the perfect party tent for needs

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How to find the perfect party tent for needs

July 15
14:32 2022

Selecting the best party tents can be a difficult challenge. There are many types, sizes, and styles on the market to choose from, but not all of them can satisfy your needs. So this article will address different things to consider when picking the perfect party tent.

Types of Tents

A party tent is any shelter under which you can hold a party. But the types of party tents are varied, and there are four primary types, namely, pole tents, frame tents, tension tents, and pop up tents. Here these four types of party tents are explained briefly.

▪ Pole tents

A pole tent holds up its weight using poles, and has an extensive range of sizes. This kind of tent maintains upright and stable replying on the tension created by stakes. This easy-to-use and cost-effective tent can cover a larger area. It’s also versatile and various colors can meet you custom needs.However, there are some disadvantages of using a pole tent. The biggest one has to do with placement. The pole tent relies on tension to keep the top from collapsing, so the poles will get in the way and interfere with visibility. You have to think carefully about how you use your tent to reduce obstructions. Another thing is that you can only use the pole tent on soft ground, and a pole tent may not be the best choice for you if you’re using the harder ground as a base.

▪ Frame tents

Unlike the pole tent, a frame tent uses a clear frame to support the weight of a tent, which enables the tent to work normally without the support of center poles and be placed more flexibly. But this flexibility comes at a price. Frame tents are usually much more expensive than pole and tension tents, and it takes four times longer to set up a frame tent than a pole tent with the same size.

▪ Tension tents

Tension tents are similar to traditional pole tents because they use center poles and perimeter for support, and have the simple portability and installation. And the only structural difference between the tension tent and the pole tent is the size of their peaks. The tension tent has much taller peaks and offers a more elegant and dramatic look. This kind of tent also has some practical benefits. Its excellent wind resistance and drainage allow itself to withstand harsh weather better than other varieties of tents. If you’re looking for a tent that can stand for long periods, you can try a tension tent.

▪ Pop up tents

Designed for ease of mobility and use for shade, mobile pop up tents are the lightest and least expensive type of party tent. They can be set up and taken down in just a few minutes without the use of any tools. Some are even equipped with storage bags for compact and easy transportation. This kind of tent typically has the size up to 20′ x 20′, and it becomes incompatible with larger events where more space is needed. And this light-weight tent can not stand up to the same wear a heavier tent can, so it cannot be used for long periods.

Benefits of Using a Party Tent ▪ Protection from weather

If you plan to have an outdoor event, consider setting up a tent in case of inclement weather. Party tents not only help shield guests from rain, but also provide warmth during cold weather.

▪ Privacy

Tents provide privacy and a sense of space you may not otherwise have at an outdoor event. You can determine the level of privacy you want then choose a tent that fits your needs.Size Does MatterSize has always been important when you are selecting the right party tent, and it’s also one of the selling points of best party tents. The size of your tent depends on a lot of different things such as the number of guests, size of space, seating plan, restrictions on height, and where you live, etc.

▪ Number of attendees

The first thing you need to consider when choosing a tent’s size is how many guests you are expecting to attend your event and if you need coverage for all of them at one time. Even if you don’t know the exact number of people, you can round up.

▪ Size of space

You should measure the right size of the space you have for the tent to figure out how big it can be for your event. By doing so, it’s safe to set up your tent.

▪ Seating arrangement

Another biggest determining factor in which tent size you need is the seating plan for your event. Every seating arrangement varies in how much space is needed.

▪ Where you live

The size of your tent will also depend on where your event is going to be held.

▪ Weather

You might not consider the temperature when choosing the size of your party tent, but try to think about it this way: guests will have more room to themselves and room for air to flow freely on a hot and/or humid day. If you’re planning an event in a warm or tropical outdoor climate, keep in mind that you may want extra space for each of your guests so it doesn’t get stifling within your tent.

▪ Restrictions on height

Besides the width and length of the space where you’ll use the tent, its height should also be taken into account.

Choose Your Tent!

You’re now armed with the knowledge you need to find party tent that suits your needs, and you may feel it easier to make the correct choice for the perfect party tent you want. Dongtai City Winsom Outdoor Product Co., Ltd., one of China top 10 professional party tent manufacturers, has over 10 year long-term experience in the production of different kinds of tents and gazebos, such as budget party tent, sukkah tent, folding tent, car shelter and tunnel greenhouse. If you still need additional guidance, please contact Winsom and we would be more than happy to help you.

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