Eimaan Ardrie With his crew “THE DEV” launching their new games

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Eimaan Ardrie With his crew “THE DEV” launching their new games

July 16
00:36 2022

Those who are familiar with video games probably know that they’ve changed a lot over the years. Some of the most popular games today include action, adventure, fighting, and strategy. Back in the day, games were mostly simple and straightforward. They were meant to be played with joysticks and buttons instead of motion-capturing technology. In fact, video games today are so advanced that it’s almost impossible to imagine playing them on a home console.

Video games have changed over time. Early games didn’t have a plot. Over time, games developed a plot and characters. Today, games are more interactive than ever. They offer players choices that can change the outcome of the game.

Tanah Melayu RolePlay is now open for all the gamers around the world!“THE DEV” are a game development crew specializing in building games, designing special cars, building, animations and others. Our crew is passionate about creating unique gaming experiences that will entertain and engage players. 

This game is a role-playing game set in the fictional country of Tanah Melayu created and developed by Eimaan Ardrie and Muhammad Imran. Players will be able to explore the open world, complete missions, and interact with others around the world. 

Eimaan Ardrie said “I hope you enjoy our first game! With its release date quickly approaching, many people are excited to see what this new game has to offer. We will be releasing more games and updates in the future, so stay tuned! THE DEV planning to release “PANGLIMA TANAH MELAYU” this month. Follow @tmrpmy, @ardrie.eimaan and @machabeatbox on Instagram.

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